Champions! Real Sao Paulo F.C. wins 8v8 Brazillian Soccer Fest 2009 in Berkeley, CA

BERKELEY, CA -- The Real Sao Paulo F.C. was invited to the Brazillian Soccer Fest 2009 tournament which took place this Saturday and Sunday (05/23 and 05/24) at the brand new Gilman St. fields in Berkeley, CA. Seven, top-quality 8v8 teams played against each other - four games on Saturday and two games on Sunday - before the top two teams decided the tournament.

Real Sao Paulo F.C., whose nickname for this competition was "Kidoidera" ("Socrazy" in english), was composed by most of the players who currently play with the team in the SFSFL (San Francisco Soccer Football League) First Division league plus some invited players from the CPSA (California Premiere Soccer Association).

Final Match - First Half - Part 1

Final Match - First Half - Part 2

Final Match - Second Half

 Final Match - Prizes

Real Sao Paulo F.C. tied the first game 1-1 on Saturday morning. Then, our players won the next games by 4-1, 3-1, and 5-4 still on Saturday. On Sunday, Real Sao Paulo won against the team that had chances to be in the final match by 1-0 and then finally won the final match by 3-1.

Congratulations to the players below for being the Champions of the Brazillian Soccer Fest 2009:

Goalkeepers: Sandro Britz, Ian

Defense: Ricardo Costenaro, Cristiano Sinadino, Baby

Midfield: Gustavo (Truta), Deto, Fernando Spinelli, Marcos David

Attack: Breno, Fabio Marques, Leandro (Carioca)

Fabio Marques also managed to win the "Fio Maravilha" trophee which is always given every year to the competition striker and best player of the final match. Way to go!

The Champions! 

From left to right:
(Top) Ricardo, Truta, Baby, Cris, Sandro (Bottom) Breno, Marcos David, Fabio, Carioca, Deto


The Champions! Dede, the organizer, in the rightmost position in the picture.