Real Sao Paulo crushes Haitian Express 6-1 and moves up in the league table

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Real Sao Paulo crushed Haitian Express in its 4th game of the 2009 season, striking 6-1 and playing at Crocker Amazon #3 Stadium, Sunday afternoon. Fabio Marques, playing as forward, did not waste the opportunities and scored 4 of the 6 goals of the team. The win pushes Real Sao Paulo up to the 6th position in the league table, only 4 points behind the leader.

Real Sao Paulo pressured from the first whistle, playing at top speed. For the Haitian Express, on the other hand, errors were commonplace and the defense was penned back against a Real Sao Paulo side that attacked incessantly and refused to relent.

The first goal came early at the 11th minute. Lucas Santos threw the ball in to Marcos David who returned the ball to Lucas in the right flank. His tentative to cross ended up in the back of the net after a terrible mistake by the goalkeeper who could not grab the ball firmly. Real Sao Paulo 1-0.

In the 17th minute, Haitian Express tried one of the few tentatives to goal. After a free kick, Real's defense player Matt Gruber managed to send it out for a Haitian's corner kick. Real Sao Paulo created a quick counter-attack from the corner kick, but a missed pass put the Haitian's team on its counter-attack. The position was clearly offside but the linesman kept going. Player # 15 tried a shot from outside the box which hit Sandro Britz's top bar. Fabio Carvalho managed to clear the ball off the bar out to corner again, but the opportunity was wasted by Haitian Express.

In the 28th minute, free kick in the midfield for Real Sao Paulo. Rodrigo passed it quickly to Mauro who opened wide in the right side and passed the ball back towards the center in the top of the arc. Fabio Marques had time to set it up ahead of him before a powerful, crossed shot ended up in the lower, far corner. Real 2-0.

Four minutes later, Mauro received the ball from defense player Fabinho, dribbled two players and suitably passed to Rhuan inside the box. The opponent slided from behind hitting Rhuan and taking him down, but the referee let the play continue. No penalty.

In the second half, Haitian Express tried to reorganize, cut space and hit on the break, but Real Sao Paulo continued pressing. In the 50th minute, the ball was recovered in the center midfield by Rodrigo Vasconcelo who passed to Marcos David in the right side. Marcos was fouled but quickly kicked the ball to Mauro who gave it back to him inside the box this time. The goalkeeper defended and, when the Haitian Express left back was trying to get out of the box with the ball, Rodrigo recovered it again and passed to the left side, in the top of the arc to Fabio Marques. With a quick touch, Fabio left the stopper behind and with a side spin in the ball scored another goal, his second. 3-0 Real.

Two minutes later, Real's goalkeeper Sandro Britz started a nice play with the left back Abel. Abel passed to Fabinho in the center of the field who passed back to Abel. Another first time pass found Diego Levinas opened in the left flank. Firt time passes again between Diego and Armando put Diego down in the end line. He cut in from the left and delivered a cross that Mauro missed, but Fabio, well-positioned in the penalty mark, had time to set it up again and buried with a cross shot. Real 4-0.

In the 58th minute, Sandro Britz caught the ball one feet outside the box. The linesman did not indicate that, but the main referee gave Haitian Express the free kick. A beautiful shot from player #13 ended up with Sandro's hope for another shutout putting the ball in the lower opposite corner. Real 4-1.

In the 62nd minute, a long goal kick from Sandro, found Fabio challenging the air ball with the defender. The defender tried to pass the ball towards the center and Mauro, very fast and opportunitic, intecepts the pass, cuts inside the box and shoots in the opposite side as the goalkeeper leaves the goal. Real 5-1.

With Real Sao Paulo a man down, after a mistake by the referee who should have cautioned both players with the yellow cards instead of red cards, Fabio Marques started to keep possession of the ball by taking it to the left side. Three players were passed by Fabio when he cuts from the left inside the box and lays the ball carefully to Rhuan. The shot had a perfect location, but the goalkeeper managed to avoid the sixth goal.

In the 75th minute, a free kick for Real Sao Paulo, which should have been a penalty kick, was called. Marcos David had perfectly aimed for the top, right corner, but the goalkeeper managed to reach the ball and pushed it to the top bar. The rebound was wasted twice by Abel Wilches before the ball goes out of the box towards the center of the field.

Two minutes from the end of the game, Cristiano Sinadino stole a ball in the middle of the field and quickly passed to Fabio Marques. Fabio saw the support from Ricardo Costenaro in the left side and opened a wide pass to him. Ricardo decided to retribute the pass and sent a perfect ball to Fabio in the top of the arc. One bounce, two bounces and the Fabio bent the ball to right side so much that the goalkeeper could only follow with his eyes as Fabio added gloss to the final scoreline. 6-1 Real.

Throughout the game, the transition from defense to attack was flawless for Real Sao Paulo and this time less opportunities were wasted. It seems they are finally finding their way up with the second win in a row. Next Sunday, Real Sao Paulo is in the road against the younger team Golden Gate University. With two players suspended, the expectations for another win are moderate.

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