With only one reserve, Real Sao Paulo beat themselves 1-3 against GGU

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Despite missing several players today, despite a revamped Golden Gate University lineup looking for a first victory on the season, the Real Sao Paulo felt something else entirely gave them the most difficulty in a 3-1 loss this Sunday at the Crocker Amazon #3 Stadium. "Probably ourselves," said Real Sao Paulo coach Fabio.

Real started really strong moving the ball around and engaging several quick counter attacks. In the 15th minute, Armando pereira ended up with an open shot opportunity in the right side of the box, but the shot rebounded off the goalkeeper and off a defense player, hitting the post and going out.

In the 33rd minute, a great combination of passes which started in the defense found Ricardo Costenaro in the left wing. The switch crossed the whole field until it found Fabio Marques free in the right wing almost inside the box. Fabio had time to adjust the ball to the right and, with the outside of the foot, sent a cross to Leandro Monteiro between two defenders. Leandro managed to bring the ball down nicely, dribble the defender and shoot in the opposite lower corner. Real 1-0.

It seemed it would be another easy game for Real Sao Paulo, but 2 minutes later GGU's defender sent a long ball towards Real's defense. A bad clear by Lucas Santos ended up with GGU's player #10 positioned in the top, right corner of the box. The shot was one of those that you hit once in a life time and ended up in the upper left corner of goalkeeper Sandro Britz goal. GGU quickly tied the game, 1-1.

GGU kept pushing for the come back and in the 39th minute a counter attack found player #8 alone in the right flank. The pass towards the center found player #17 free, but he missed a great opportunity. Two minutes later, another ball in the right flank was saved by GGU's forward before it went out through the end line. He had time to look up and find player #14 inside the box free. Real's defender Matthew Gruber arrived late to the ball and tripped over player #14. Doubtful Penalty Kick called by the referee! Goal by #14, GGU 2-1.

Real Sao Paulo did not give up and tried a couple more times before the end of the first half. In the 42nd minute, Ricardo sent a great cross to Armando in the top of the arc, but the shot ended up open wide out. Two minutes later, a great counter attack from Real involving Fernando Spinelli and Ricardo Costenaro, ended up with an easy lay up to Fabio Marques, but the shot removed ink from the top bar and went out.

The second half started with a lot of pressure from Real Sao Paulo. At the 52nd minute, Fernando lobbied a great pass over GGU's defense and found Fabio Marques opened in the left side inside the box. Fabio should have shot with the left foot, but the transition to the right boot gave enough time for the goalkeeper to position himself perfectly for the shot, which ended up in a corner kick for Real Sao Paulo.

It was not Real's day. In the 70th minute, after loosing its center defender Fabio Carvalho injured, Real Sao Paulo had to improvise in the defense which led to an open space for player #10 to score alone off a great cross. GGU 3-1.

Real kept trying but all saints, including Saint Paul, appeared to be playing tricks on them. In the 75th minute, a free kick to Real Sao Paulo and Fabio shot from 40 yards out in the top left corner post. The second ball in the post during the whole game. Five minutes later, another free kick for Real Sao Paulo, and Fabio Marques passed the ball in the top of the arc to Fabinho, who shot it inches from the left post.

The hot sunny wheather, the bad luck and the lack of reserve players were crucial for the third Real Sao Paulo's loss in the league this year. Next game, Sunday - April 19th, Real Sao Paulo plays host for an old rival, Melchester Rovers. With suspended players returning, a win is fundamental in order to keep Real's chances of winning the league real.

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