Real's attack surge and keeper consistency leave AC Milan soaked by 3-0

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Led by a pair of goals from forward Leandro Monteiro and a cleansheet by goalkeeper Sandro Britz, the Real Sao Paulo took advantage of AC Milan's incomplete roster and rolled to a 3-0 victory Wednesday at Crocker Amazon #3 field. The game was decided in a fifteen-minute spell on the second half and Leandro was the decider in the attack as Sandro was the savior during the first half.

The victory extended the Real's undefeated streak to four games bringing the team to the fourth position in the league, now passing AC Milan who was tied in points with Real before the game started.

The game started very disputed with both teams exchanging accurate passes and trying to create an opportunity. Real got the first real opportunity at the 6th minute when Fabio, Mauro and Breno tried a combination in the left side that resulted in a corner kick. Mauro kicked it towards the small box with great spin and the keeper could not hold it and dropped it onto Breno's feet. Breno, surprised with the gift, tried a first time shot, but it went out  close to the near post. Three minutes later, a play that started with Sandro to Oscar eneded up with Abel. He managed to pass by three players before delivering it to Fabinho in the midfield. The pass was then perfectly set to Mauro in progression, but he could not reach it as the keeper left the goal to catch it.

In the 10th minute, AC Milan had their first opportunity when a fast free kick pass went to player #11 free in the top of the arc. The shot went wide over the bar and Sandro only followed it with his eyes. In the 17th minute, Kenni sent the throw-in really far ahead to Mauro in the right side. Mauro took the first defender and passed the ball a little too high to Fabio, who managed to stop it in the chest and tried a first time shot from outside the box. It went close to the top right corner but did not end in the net that time.

Three minutes later, a throw-in by AC Milan was recovered by Rodrigo. He passed first time to Mauro who sent it towards the center to Breno. Breno waited Mauro to pass by him and returned the favor. Mauro entered free inside the box in the right side, but had no luck slamming the shot right on the goalkeeper. The ball rebounded towards him, but his header had no luck either. In the 28th minute, AC Milan's goalkeeper sent a long kick towards the attack. After a confusion in Real's defense to control the ball, the midfielder sent a cross to an apparently offside forward, but since the linesman did not raise the flag, Sandro left the box and blew it away up clearing the danger.

The game remained very equal the whole time, and in the 43rd minute, a quick throw-in by Leandro to Fernando let him take the ball to the endline and cross to Breno. He tried to take it to the right foot inside the box, but the shot was blocked. He got the rebound and passed it towards the center of the box, but Leandro got fouled and the referee called his foul instead reversing shamelessly the play to AC Milan. Before the end of the first half, AC Milan had one last opportunity to open the score in a counter-attack but Sandro saved two times in a row for a total of five saves only in the first half.

Five minutes into the second half, and AC Milan almost opened the score again when Fernando lost the ball and created a counter-attack for them. The shot went close to the Sandro's left post. Two minutes later, another chance for AC Milan. Free kick in the center of the field and defense player #21 sneaked up in the left flank, received the pass and shot. Sandro was concerned with the spin and height of the ball and sent it out of bounds over the bar to corner kick. Real managed to pick the rythm up again as Fernando sent a great pass in the left side to Fabio and he spun around the first defense player, dribbled the second one and laid it off to the right to Fabinho as the third defender came to him. Fabinho cut to the left and shot, but it went wide in the left side.

In the 64th minutes, free kick for Real. Marcos David sent it all the way to the second half and Fabio free inside the box, stopped the ball in the chest and tried to score a first time shot, but it went close to the near post...Real was pressing. Three minutes later, their efforts were finally awarded. Free kick for AC Milan, and Marcos David inteligently anticipated the pass and laid a perfect assist in the top of the arc to Leandro. He had time to set it up ahead of him and lobbied a cross shot over the goalkeeper as he was leaving the goal. Real 1-0.

Four minutes later, Fernando recovered a ball in the left side, passed to Leandro and got it back. Fernando took it to the end line and crossed in the top of the arc where Leandro was waiting for it. The shot was perfectly aimed in the left lower corner, but went out by a couple of inches. In the 70th minute, a great set piece performed in the free kick for Real and Marcos David sent it to Fabio in the top of the arc and he, in turn, laid it to Fernando. The shot was pressed by the defense, but put the goalkeeper in real danger situation and Real got the corner kick.

Nine minutes before the end of the second half, a confusion inside Real's box and Fernando cleared it out. Leandro stopped the ball in the center of the field and opened to the right flank where Fabio was in fast progression. Fabio waited for Leandro to get inside the box and assisted back a low pass to him. Leandro simply flicked the ball over the goalkeeper again. His second goal in the game! Real 2-0.

AC Milan did not have enough time to assimilate that one and right after their third kick off in the game, Real recovered the ball and Marcos David assisted a great pass to Breno in the left side. Breno entered the box and shot really strong with no chances for the goalkeeper. Real 3-0.

In the 85th minute, free kick for Real who wanted more. Leandro sent it in the box, the ball passed by everyone and Guilherme, coming from behind, scored a legite goal, cancelled by the linesman calling an offside. Two minutes later, Guilherme recovered a great ball in the center midfield and passed it to Leandro who gave a real gift to Breno. He took it inside the box but did not realize the keeper was close to his feet. He tried to shoot under the keeper but he saved.

Sandro's saves aside, the game was mainly about Leandro, who stepped up big time and now has eight goals in the season, only one goal behind Fabio, the top scorer so far. The victory gives Real Sao Paulo 22 points in the league, which put them only 5 points behind the leader now. Real will face SF City Reserves this Sunday away. SF City is certainly looking for revenge since they lost the first game by 2-0, but coach Fabio is confident Real is now in the right track and will do everything possible to remain there until the end of the season.

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