Poor second half leads to Real loss by three goals to Club Marin Reserves

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Real Sao Paulo F.C. has given up most of its goals against in the first 15 minutes of the second halves of the games and it's an alarming trend that every player and coach agrees needs to be put to rest. Club Marin Reserves' win by three goals this Sunday at the Polo Fields #1 Stadium puts Real 6 points behind the leaders with one game less than them.

Coach Fabio had planned to use the last weekend break as a way of getting some extra work done during the week. But this Sunday's 3-0 pasting at the hands of Club Marin Reserves laid bare some critical weaknesses, both mental and physical. Concentration was lacking at some key moments, and a couple of early Marin's goals in the second half appeared to drain Real of what little confidence they had built during the first half.

Two minutes into the game, a ball recovered by Cris was passed to Mauro running in the right flank. He took it to the end line and crossed it reaching Leandro in the left side. Leandro set it up to Fabio who, falling down, managed to hit the ball weakly and the keeper saved. In the 14th minute, Club Maring had a throw-in and the ball was recovered by Armando. He passed to Mauro but the shot went wide out. Three minutes later, a throw-in this time to Real, and Leandro passed to Fabio, back to Leandro who crossed. Cris headed it and the keeper saved.

In the 22nd minute, Real kept pushing and Ricardo kicked a quick free kick to Oscar who passed to Mauro in the top of the arc. He went around the defense player, took it to the end line but the shot/cross went out in the right side of the keeper. Seven minutes to the end of the first half, Real gets a corner kick. The ball went over the whole box and Fabio passed it back to Fernando. He shot right on Mauro standing inside the box. Mauro managed to stop the ball and passed to Leandro who scores, but the referee invalidated it as the linesman mistakenly, as it can be seen in the video highlights, called an offside.

In the 42nd minute, Real gets a free kick. Fernando shot strongly from 50 yards out and the keeper sends it to corner over the bar. After the corner kick, Ricardo headed it out over the bar. One last great combination before the end of the half and Armando gets fouled. Fabio kicked it way over the bar.

Five minutes into the second half and Club Marin got their first goal. The ball was sent from defense to attack and player #10 managed to pass between Matt and Ricardo, shooting it over Sandro who was half way out of the box. CMR 1-0.

In the 55th minute, a similar play and Club Marin got a counter-attack. The player this time passed between Abel and Matt, but luckly for Real the shot was crossed open out. Two minutes later, a throw-in recovered by Ricardo who passed to Mauro inside the box. Mauro missed the shot towards the left side of the goal.

In the 59th minute, Real had the best chance to tie the game. Mauro recovered the ball and passed to Cris. Cris opened the ball to Leandro in the right flank. Leandro took the ball all the way to the end line and perfectly crossed to Fabio who in turn headed it sideways to Mauro. He set it up easily to Cris inside the small box. Cris decided to stop the ball instead of hitting it first time and the subsequent shot went weak onto the keeper from inside the 6 yard box.

Another great opportunity in the 71st minute, and Rhuan pased to Leandro in the left side who tried to lob it over the keeper, but the ball ended up hitting the post. Mauro tried the rebound, but ball went out through the end line. One minute later, a gret combination among Cris, Fernando, and Mauro let Fernando opened for the shot but it hit the post and went out for a goal kick to Club Marin.

In the 75th minute, Club Marin kicked a goal kick and the ball got flicked by the midfielder player and went through Matt and Ricardo again...Player #10 shot over Sandro who slightly touched the ball this time before it ended in the bottom of the net. CMR 2-0.

Five minutes later, Leandro passed to Fabio who dribbled the defense player, stopped, shot over the bar. The following minute, Club Marin got a counter-attack and player #10 tried the shot, aimed on lobbying Sandro, but he did a great save and put the ball out over the bar. After the corner, a player that went after the ball behind the goal, scored alone with no Real defense player marking him. 3-0. Fabio still had another chance shooting from the top of the arc in the last minute. The ball hit the defense player's hand but the referee called no penalty...

Despite the lackluster result, Real is still a long way from pushing the panic button. They have acknowledged that have yet to play at consistent level for the complete 90 minutes. Though panic over their results is not settling in, frustration has. With the win, Club Marin Reserves assumed the lead of the league.

Just who will emerge stronger from this difficult stretch remains to be seen. Certainly playing at Crocker Amazon next weekend to try and get a result against a resurgent Martin Macks side is among the tougher assignments in SFSFL. But it's imperative for Real Sao Paulo to try to finish the first half of the season among the top three teams.

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