Real plagued by scoring troubles and by poor referees lost 1-0 to Martin Macks

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- The Real Sao Paulo FC goal-scoring inconsistencies continued Sunday morning in their 1-0 loss to Martin Macks. Despite of missing four starter players and having to bear with a high-school referee being assessed to work at the SFSFL league, their frustrations are tempered by the fact that they are creating numerous chances while limiting their opposition to only a few -- and sometimes getting down right unlucky.

Real Sao Paulo created several chances, especially in the latter stages of the match, and played well enough to get a positive result. All the statistics were in Real's favor, but glaring errors came on just one sequence -- and those transgressions were punished.

"It's one of those things that is very hard to explain. We played really well. We pretty much did everything right and one mistake ended up costing us the game," said striker Fabio Marques. "We had our good chances but we didn't manage to put them away. It's frustrating. It's hard to take but the only way things are going to change around is by keep working and believe in ourselves. We have a better team than we have been showing."

The first real opportunity was for Real Sao Paulo in the 10th minute. After a throw-in for Martin Macks, Real recovered the ball. The pass went from Fabio to Marcos David, back to Fabio, and then to Guilherme who lobbied the ball over the defense line to Leandro, but defense stopped the shot and the goalkeeper recovered. Two minutes later, free kick for Real, but Fernando kicked it out in the left side of the goal. Real kept pressing and after a corner kick in the 18th minute cleared by Martin Mack's defense, Rhuan recovered and set it to Fernando, whose shot went over the bar this time.

The first opportunity for Martin Macks came in the 22nd minute. A cross from the right side found the foward who headed strong and Sandro saved. He tried to start a counter attack kicking the ball high to Leandro, but the referee called an offside in one of his first mistakes. Martin Macks kept commiting fouls after fouls during the whole game. In the 25th minute, a counter attack by Martin Macks, and another cross ended up in a header which went very close to the right side of Sandro's goal.

In the 30th minute, the referee committed his second mistake when he did not call a clear penalty on Rhuan and instead called a free kick outside the box. Leandro kicked the free kick and Fabio had a clear opportunity but shot right onto the keeper. Before the end of the first half, a nice play by Martin Macks almost gave them the lead. After Martin Macks' defense intercepted the ball, they tried a counter attack and almost scored, but Sandro saved first and Abel saved the second shot, putting it out to corner.

A huge number of fouls (26 against 11) and offsides (9 against only 1 from Real) were the result of the strategy by Martin Macks who appeared to be only focused in stopping the plays and sending long balls from defense to attack.

In the 52nd minute, a corner kick for Real Sao Paulo and Marcos David tried a first time shot, but it went towards the right side of the box. Leandro well-positioned crossed first time and the ball rebounded in the defense right on Fabio's feet. He was going to try the shot, but decided to dribble to the right side. Another try and another dribble to the right, before he decided to shoot crossed hitting strongly the top bar.

In the 56th minute, the ball was recovered by Lucas and passed to Fernando in the left side. He crossed to Leandro who headed before the keeper could reach it, but the defender cleared it out from right above the goal line. Two minutes later, after a throw-in, the ball was crossed by Fernando towards Fabio in the left side. The defender did not reach it and Fabio got it right behind him, but his shot was too high over the bar.

"We are creating chances, we are limiting opponents' chances, but at the end of the day, opponents are putting the one or two opportunities they get away and we are not finishing the bunch we are getting so that's a bad combination to have," said Fabio really frustrated at the end of the match.

In the 63rd minute, a great pass combination by Real in the right side: Danilo to Marcos David to Leandro who crossed but defense took out. Fernando recovered and tried to pass back to Leandro, but Player #5 put his hand on the ball. He already had a yellow card, but the terrible referee decided to give the yellow to another player who had nothing to do witht the play, instead of ejecting Player #5.

A counter attack by Marting Macks in the right side ended up with a cross to the top of the arc. The forward made a body move over Lucas and shot in the left lower corner leaving no chances for Sandro while Martin Macks celebrated taking a 1-0 lead in the 75th minute.

Real did not give up and in the 79th minute, a ball stolen by Guilherme passed to Fernando who tried a 1-2 with Leandro, but the keeper saved and the referee, mistakenly again as usual, called an offside. Three minutes later, a free kick to Real and Fernando passed to Marcos David who layed it in the top of the box to Fabio who, in turn, set it up to Fernando outside the box. The strong shot from distance tested Martin Macks goalkeeper who almost let it pass in his top, left corner, but managed to save it.

In the 87th minute, a goal kick from Sandro to Lucas, first time to Rodrigo, two dribbles and then passed to Leandro who, in turn, sent it to Fabio. He tried to set it up for himself, but got a tough foul and the referee decided to give a yellow card to the defender, the third of the match to Martin Macks. The free kick by Fabio was very close to the top, left corner of the goal. Before the end of the game, Real had another great opportunity with a free kick, but Marcos David kicked it also very close to the top bar.

"We are very frustrated right now because we are playing well a lot of the time but it doesn't matter how good you play. The results are what matters and we are not getting the results," coach Fabio said.

Real's next match is against Tyneside, the team that tied with Real Sao Paulo last year in second place in the league. The match is in Crocker Amazon and, if Real does not find the back of the net, will probably end the first half of the season among the last four teams.

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