Real proves who should have been champions last year by defeating Tyneside 4-1

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Much more than just three points were in the table in Real's 4-1 victory against 3rd place Tyneside this Sunday at Crocker Amazon #3 Stadium. As both teams tied in second place in the 2008 season, only one point behind the champions SF City Reserves, this was the right opportunity to prove who really deserved to win the league last year as both teams had already won against SF City Reserves this year.

Real Sao Paulo has also resumed their winning ways with this victory against Tyneside. The Red-White-and-Black Tricolor had struggled in their last two games, earning no points from two losses, but with attack and defense players at their best on Sunday, four goals in favor and only one against were enough to get the team back on track.

The match started at breakneck speed and never looked back. Before Tyneside could create a decent play, 2 minutes into the first half, a great passing combination among Fernando, Fabio and Ricardo gave Fabio a good opportunity to take the first shot of the game over the bar in the right corner. Three minutes later, corner kick for Real and Fabio set it up to the right back Kenneth Cole inside the 6-yard box, but he could not reach it. Kenni played with Real last year, was signed up with the league last week and this was his first game appearance this year.

In the 6th minute, Cristiano, playing as center midfielder, intercepted a cross and started a counter attack to Fernando. Fernando found Mauro open in the right flank. Mauro took the ball inside the box and tried to assist to Fabio between the defender's legs, but the pass got intercepted and Real got the corner kick. Real kept pushing for the first goal. A recovered ball by Abel in the 13th minute started the best opportunity until then for Real. Abel passed first time to Fernando who, also playing as center mid, opened to Andrew in the right side. Andrew Fons decided to take the opportunity as the keeper was leaving the goal, but the ball passed very close to the post...the fans screaming and whistling thought it had gone in...

One minute later, Kenni intercepted a pass and sent it to the top of the arc to Marcos David. He could not reach it but Mauro hassled to the end, took the ball from the defender and passed back to Marcos David, but the shot towards the near post went out. In the 18th minute, the efforts were awarded. After a free kick for Real kicked by Marcos David, the defender recovered the ball but right after Ricardo recovered it back from him, passed to Mauro, who driblled one defender and opened to Kenni in the right side free for a GOLACO as the keeper went out of the goal. Way to debut Kenni!! Real 1-0.

Tyneside finally found some inspiration in the 24th minute. Free kick for Tyneside and Kenni cleared to the center of the box, but the Tyneside player wasted the rebound shooting on Matt Gruber rebounding out of bounds. In the 32nd minute, a throw in for Real rebounds off the defender and Fernando recovered it. He tried a through pass behind the defender to Marcos David, but the referee called offside. One minute later, Tyneside tried in the left side, but Matt got to the ball first and cleared it. In the counter attack, the pass to Mauro was a couple of seconds delayed and he could not reach it. As the half wound to the close, Marcos David had two chances: one with a great free kick in the near, top corner sent out of bounds by the keeper and the second after the corner kick, Marcos David header went right onto the goalkeeper who saved Real's second goal in the game.

Tyneside decided to start the second half pressing forward in search of a tying goal and quickly found it eight minutes from time when a rebounded ball in the midfield put the forward in the right side in the back of Danilo Ribeiro. He managed to cross it low in the ground towards the penalty mark. Sandro was not able to intercept it and Tyneside scored their first one. 1-1.

In the 57th minute, Tyneside taking advantage of Real's lack of attention almost scored their second goal. Another distraction clearing the ball from the defense, and Tyneside recovered it and after three passes in the top of the arc, Player #10 was alone in the left side inside the box, but Sandro saved the shot amazingly. Three minutes later, another distraction in the top of the arc when Marcos David tried to dribble right outside the box, gave Tyneside's forward chance to take a strong, lower shot, but Sandro made another important save.

Real almost found their second goal in the 62nd minute, when Cris recovered another ball in the midfield and opened to Ricardo. The first time pass to Fabio opened in the left side of the box gave him space and time enough to look up and cross right on Leandro's foot inside the box in the penalty mark, but the shot went right on the goalkeeper who made an easy save. One minute later, a throw-in for the Tricolor and Fernando almost scored from outside of the box, but the ball was deflected off the defense player to corner kick. Mauro kicked it and it was cleared by the defender. Leandro recovered it and started the play with Matt at the midfield and he passed first time to Cris, back to Leandro who assisted to Fabio. He passed between two defenders before shooting in the lower, right corner with no chance for the goalkeeper. Real 2-1.

In the 70th minute, Matt avoided what would be again the tying goal after a lack of attention from the rest of the defense and the foward was probably offside. Five minutes later, and Matt saved the day again. Cris lost the ball in the midfield, but Matt was well-positioned and covered the pass clearing the ball out of bounds. One minute later, Real recovered a ball in the defense. Kenni passed to Fernando, first time to Cris who opened to Leandro. He flicked a back heel pass to Fabio who tried to dribble the defender but got fouled in front of the box. Yellow card to the defender and free kick to Real. Fabio himself decided to take it and the shot could not have been more precise. Top, far corner with no chances for the keeper. Real 3-1 and Fabio's second goal of the game, nineth of the season.

Before the end of the game, in the 82nd minute, Real had the last chance to put final numbers to the match. Great ball recovered AGAIN by Cris in the midfield and sent to Leandro. He tried to dribble to the right, but the defender managed to clear the ball to the left and Mauro ran faster than the defender and got fouled...inside the box...PENALTY! Sandro the goalkeeper took it and scored it in the lower left corner...and decided to celebrate dedicating it to his beloved dog Dutty who passed away recently.

At the end of its first half, this 1st division has proven so far to be much more balanced than last year's 2nd division played by both Real and Tyneside. The 5-0-5 campaign by Real has shown the team has the capabilities to win the most difficult games, but also lacks them to win the easiest ones. This has to change in the second half of the season if the Tricolor wants to move from "first of the last" - as they usually call the 7th place in a league with 12 teams - to "first of the first". Next Sunday, Real Sao Paulo plays host for Berenice Reserves. Having lost the first game to them is reason enough to pull a win off this time.

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