Breno makes dazzling debut getting hat trick on 6-1 win against Berenice Reserves

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- If a player's performance in his first game of the season is a portent of things to come, then things are certainly going to be well for Real's new forward Breno Batista for the rest of the season. He debutted this Sunday at Beach Chalet #1 field in the first game of the second half of the season against Berenice Reserves and scored his first 3 goals besides creating several other opportunities.

This is also the second win in a row for the Real Sao Paulo team who is trying to secure back its place among the top three teams before it is too late. Real had lost the first game of the season to Berenice Reserves by 2-0, but today the defense was really solid and the attack socred 5 goals in the first half of the game leaving no hopes for Berenice Reserves this time.

Real Sao Paulo started the game with only one objective: win no matter what. Right on the 3rd minute, a great ball recovered by Rodrigo was passed to Fernando who tried his first shot but the ball went over the bar. In the 12th minute, corner kick for Berenice and Sandro saved. He kicked up forward to the attack line and Leandro flicked with the head to the right for Breno Batista who took over the defender, but ended up setting the ball too far ahead and the goalkeeper manged to get out of the goal and saved it on Breno's feet. Three minutes later, it finally came. Throw-in for Real and the Berenice player recovered the ball but Rodrigo recovered it back. After a great combination between Rodrigo and Fabio, the ball was sent forward to Leandro who provided an amazing assist with a back heel to Fernando in the top of the arc and the shot went fantastically over the keeper and ended in the back of the net. Real 1-0.

Two minutes later, another throw-in for Real played by Ricardo to Fabio, who sent it with a first time pass to the attack and Breno, very well-positioned, won the ball against the defender and shot between the goalkeeper's legs to score his first goal of the season and the second goal for Real in the game. Real 2-0.

In the 20th minute, Real almost scored the third goal. Sandro sent the ball forward, Leandro brought it down with great quality to Armando who lobbied ahead first time to Rodrigo in progression in the left side. Rodrigo waited for the defender to come out of the box and laid a crossed, lower pass to the right side of the box to Fabio, but the first time shot went out in the left side of the goal and Fabio wasted a clear opportunity. Three minutes later, Fabio and Armando performed a "one-two" passing combination and Fabio took the ball to the end line and passed back. The rebound ended up with Armando who set up to Rodrigo in the top of the arc. The shot had the right destiny to it, but the keeper managed to save it sending it out for a corner kick for Real. After the corner kick, Cris got the ball from the goalkeeper's clearing and tried a shot, but it went out over the bar.

For fans watching the game, it seemed like Real was playing with 5 more players than Berenice. In the 26th minute, Abel stopped the ball with his chest, dribbled the forward and passed to Armando. Armando dribbled three players and left it with Fernando in the left flank. Fernando saw Rodrigo well-positioned in the top of the arc and laid the ball off to him. The shot was perfectly low enough to make the keeper dive and rebound it to Breno, who opportunistically, shot it in the far lower corner for the third goal for Real, his second in the game. Real 3-0. One minute later, yes, one minute later, after Berenice kicked off for the forth time in the game, Matt recovered the ball in the defense and sent it to Leandro. He tried to keep it, but the defender took it away. Cris then recovered it again and passed to Fernando who sent a great through-in assist to Leandro. He had time to stop it, set it and shoot in the opposite corner. GOLACO! Real 4-0.

In the 31st minute, finally an opportunity for Berenice. The free kick close to the end line in the left side of the field would be an obvious cross, but the player actually tried a direct shot in the goal. Sandro as usual very well-positioned managed to save it and sent it out over the bar for the corner kick. The corner kick was passed to the forward in the right side of the box. He took the shot which flicked in Abel's foot, but Sandro was again focused on the ball and saved one more time.

Seven minutes later, Sandro kicked the goal kick and set it perfectly to Fernando who let it bounce once and lobbied over the keeper, but the ball hit the post and came back to the keeper's hands. Two minutes before the end of the first half, Abel passed the free kick to Armando in the top of the arc who magnificently lobbied a pass to Fernando inside the box. Fernando flicked it up to Leandro who dribbled the defender and kicked as the keeper was leaving the goal. Real 5-0.

The second half started with Berenice's kick off and Cris quickly recovered the ball and passed first time to Breno, who sent also a first time pass to Fabio had enough time to wait for Breno to get inside the box to receive the assist. Breno only flicked as the keeper went out of the goal. Real 6-0 in the first minute of the second half and Breno got the Hat Trick leaving a desperation look in the faces of Berenice's players!

In the 54th minute, the ball was recovered by Marcos David and he got fouled from behind but the referee gave advantage. Leandro saw Fabio passing in the right side and opened to him. The shot was strong but not accurate enough and went out in the right side of the goal. Two minutes later, Sandro passed the goal kick to Fernando. He sent the ball in the middle towards Fabio who let is pass to Leandro, received it back and sent it again to Leandro opened in the right side in a beautiful combination. Leandro crossed and Breno laid it back to Fernando who tried another cross but it got cleared out. After the throw-in, Cristiano received from Rodrigo and tried a shot much closer this time, but still off target. Seven minutes later, another great combination among Ricardo and Fabio put Rodrigo free to assist to Breno, but the keeper saved the shot. In the rebound, Breno got fouled in the top of the arc and Cris decided to take it. The shot was so precise in the top, left corner, but the keeper was paying attention to it and jumped for the save sending it out to corner kick.

Berenice kept trying a little harder to score their first goal as Real seemed to be satisfied with the numbers so far. After a throw-in in the 68th minute, Berenice's captain tries a shot from outside the box and almost hit the top, left corner, but the ball went out over the bar. Two minutes later, the pressure was still on and Berenice tried a counter-attack but as the forward went all the way down to the end line to assist back, Matt was well-positioned in the penalty mark and cleared it out. In the 73rd minute, Armando sent the ball all the way from the defense to the attack. Fabio flicked with the head to the left to Leandro and ran ahead for the pass. Leandro set it forward to him, but the shot from outside the box went again out through the right side.

One minute later, Cris tried another free kick from long distance and the keeper sent it out over the bar for the corner kick. In the 75th minute, Berenice got their consolation goal. The referee called a free kick close to the end line for Berenice. After the cross, the forward headed it down and Sandro saved, but another forward was well positioned off the rebound inside the small box and almost managed to miss the easy shot. Real 6-1. Berenice had another opportunit in a counter-attack in the 80th minute, but Matt recovered as usual running after the forward and managing to clear it out to the side line.

The win gives Real Sao Paulo 18 points in the league, which put them among the top 5 teams, only 5 points behind the leaders and still with one game less than them. Depending on how the Red-White-and-Black fare next Sunday against Bosnajci in the Beach Chalet #1 field again, the Tricolor could either move up to the top three spots or fall back to the "first of the last" in the table. Coach Fabio has also announced that Real will also have another new player, this time in the defense, ready for this game in order to build up the team for the decisive games remaining.

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