Real fought back but ended up with a bittersweet 1-1 draw against Bosnajci

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- After handing Berenice their first loss by six goals of 2009 last Sunday, Real Sao Paulo headed into this week feeling pretty good about their chances against Bosnajci, who had won the first game against Real by 3-1. After taking a 1-0 first-half goal Sunday at Beach Chalet #1, the home side got a goal from debutting player Eduardo Silva to bail itself out in what ended up a bittersweet 1-1 draw.

Real's first scoring chance came in the second minute when Cristiano took the free kick but sent it over the bar. In the 9th minute, throw-in for Bosnajci on the left side and player #20 flicked it over Sandro, but he managed to slightly touch the ball sending it out of bounds to corner kick. Five minutes later, after Sandro's goal kick, Real could not get the ball down in the ground and Bosnajci created a counter-attack. The left back sent the ball forward to an offside player, but the linesman and referee did not call it. Player #15 shot caromed off the goalpost and Fernando managed to clear it out.

In the 20th minute, Real finally got to the net but the referee called an offisde. After a great recovery by Ricardo, he sent the ball to Mauro in the midfield. With a first time pass to Fabio, Mauro gave him the ball, got it back and decided to give it back to Fabio again. The pass was a little too strong, but Fabio saved the ball in the end line, passed the ball between the defender's legs and shot to the goal in the top of the arc. The ball was going out and Mauro, in offside position, decided to try his luck and touched it to the goal, but the offside was called.

Four minutes later, Armando stole the ball, flicked a nice hat over the Bosnajci player and starter a counter-attack. The through pass found Leandro in great position, but when Leandro tried to set up, the ball went ahead of him enough for the goalkeeper to get to it first. In the 37th minute, Real had two opportunities to score, but both times the extra dribble by Armando prevented the good play to come out. In the counter attack, Bosnajci almost scored their first, again with the player assisting the ball in an offside position not called by the linesman. After the shot, Sandro managed to make an amazing save jumping to the right side and sending the ball out of bounds to corner. After the corner kick, the Bosnajci player got the rebound outside the box and had enough time to send it in again. Ricardo and Cris tried to clear the ball out but due to the field conditions Cris hit the ball accidentally inside the box and the penalty kick was called against Real. Bosnajci 1-0.

In the 42nd minute, lack of attention in Real's defense and Abel passed the ball towards the midfield right in the Bosnajci forward's foot. He had time to cross it low in the ground in front of Sandro, but Player #9 could not get to it in the right shape to shoot and missed a great opportunity to increase their lead. Right before the end of the first half, Armando crossed a great ball and Breno in valid onside position could not stop it and missed a great chance for Real to go to the lockers with a tied game in hands.

Real came back to the second half decided to show a much better game than in the first one. Eduardo Silva, a new player recently signed up coming from the Major's division (Mexicali), started his first game for Real with high expectations to fix the problems in the defense line. In the 56th minute, after the throw-in from Bosnajci, Cris intercepted and passed the ball to Fernando, then to Breno. Breno opened to Fabio who took the right back with a dribble and waited for the attack to come out of the offside position before he crossed. It was aimed to Breno, but the defender ahead of him intercepted. In the rebound, Mauro managed to tip it towards the goal. The ball removed paint from the top bar as it went out of luck for the "tricolores" that day...

In the 60th minute, corner kick for Bosnajci. Marcos David flicked and cleared it out. In the rebound, Player #20 tried the top right corner of Sandro and almost got it but the ball went out of bounds. Three minutes later, a throw-in for Real and Fabio tried one of the very few shots to the goal but the ball went over the bar. Real kept pressing for the equalizer as Bosnjaci remained all behind the half line.

In the 71st minute, Mauro got fouled in the right side of the field and Fernando crossed the free kick. The defender cleared it down to Eduardo's feet who had time to set it up and shoot. The ball hit the defender and entered in the top left corner of the goal as Real players celebrated the 1-1 draw.

Four minutes later, Bosnjaci's player #20 got ejected after getting late to the ball and flipping Marcos David in the air as he kicked him under really hard and irresponsibly. After the free kick, Real wasted the opportunity. In the 78th minute, great combination for Real in the midfield and Rodrigo tried a through pass to Fabio, but Breno stopped it and tried to shoot hitting the defender outside the box. Two minutes later, Real playing much better in the second half and with one more player, kept pressing for the winner goal.  Eduardo recovered the ball in the defense and passed it to Fernando. He sent the ball to Fabio inside the box, but the keeper arrived first and managed to clear it.

In the 82nd minute, the referee reversed a foul that was actually against Real player Breno. The "smart" Bosnajci player kicked it fast and got Real's defense by surprise. The Bosnajci forward tripped on Matt's feet and fell down and the referee decided to compensate and gave Matt also a red card. Five minutes later, Marcos David made a great play in the middle with Guilherme and sent it to Leandro. He set it to Armando in the top of the arc, but the shot was way too high and over the bar wasting a great opportunity for the winner goal for Real.

In the 90th minute, Armando stepped in the ball in the midfield and almost gave easily the winner goal to Bosnajci. The forward #15 tried to lobby the ball over Sandro but it went over the bar. Two minutes later in the stoppage time, the last opportunity of the game was wasted by Breno. Fabio brought the ball down from the goal kick and sent a through pass to Breno. He dribbled the first defense player and tried the shot, but it went over the bar for desperation of his playmates.

The draw gives Real Sao Paulo 19 points in the league, which put them tied with AC Milan, their next opponent in the make-up game this Wednesday in the Crocker Amazon #3 field. This will be a very important game for Real as the win will put them 5 points behind the leaders remaining 9 games to the end of the season.

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