Real Sao Paulo grinded out win against SF City and gets closer to leaders

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- A first-half goal by Leandro Monteiro was enough for the Real Sao Paulo to defeat the visiting SF City Reserves 1-0 Sunday at Beach Chalet #1 field. SF City Reserves got their second defeat by Real this season and Leandro now has 9 goal this year and his stats prove he can become the striker of the team with eight games still to go. The win also positions Real only three points behind the leaders.

Right in the 2nd minute, a throw-in for Real and Fabinho tries from outside of the box in the left side. The ball went out close to the far post. Four minutes later, another throw-in this time for SF City, and Fernando recovered, passed to Fabio who flicked it over the midfielder and carried ahead. Fernando asked for it back behind him in the left side and Fabio tried a blind pass to the left, but the defender got to it first and sent it to corner kick for Real. In the 7th minute, a free kick for SF City. After the kick, Eduardo headed it up and Sandro could not reach it, but the forward did and headed it down. The ball bounced over Sandro and hit the top bar and went out of bounds luckly for Real.

In the 15th minute, Fernando got a rebound off the corner kick, and tried to send it back inside the box. The ball bounced in front of the goalkeeper, Eduardo and Kenni, and touched the far post before going out of bounds. Two minutes later, corner kick for Real and Eduardo got a perfect shot first time from the penalty mark, but the goalkeeper saved in two times. Another great passing combination in the 19th minute starting at the defense with Eduardo and Matt, and Kenni got the ball and sent it through to Ricardo in the right flank. Ricard passed back to the center and found Mauro, who let the ball pass between his legs to Fernando. The first time shot went weak as Fernando hit the ground in a terrible pitch in the Beach Chalet.

In the 25th minute, throw-in for Real in the defense field. Cris sent it to Mauro who crossed to ricardo. The shot was really strong but hit the near post and went out. Real was pressing. In the 30th minute, Fabio received a real gift in the top of the arc, flicked the ball over the defender, but could not reach it as the goalkeeper was leaving the goal. In the 39th minute, substitution for Real and Leandro comes in replacing Mauro. Two minutes later, goal kick for SF City, Leandro recovered and passed to Fabinho who retributed the pass and sent a perfect through pass to Leandro who protected the ball and suffered a foul inside the box. Penalty! Leandro kicked it and scored and the referee, surprisingly, reversed it back to SF City alleging a Real player had invaded the box. By the rule, the referee has to ask the penalty kick to be kicked again. Real players asked him to check with the linesman who confirmed it. Leandro kicked it again and scored one more time. Real 1-0.

First minute into the second half, a throw-in for Real. Kenni sent it to Fabinho who sent first time to Leandro. Leandro back heeled it to Fernando in the left side of the box who took the shot and scored. The linesman called an offside by Leandro...tsc...tsc...In the 53rd minute, another throw-in for Real. Kenni sent it to Cristiano this time who sent a through pass perfectly to Mauro inside the box, but the shot went out very close to the left post. Two minutes later, SF City had two chances to score after a lack of attention from Real, but the lack of accuracy of the forward's shot also accounted in Real's favor.

In the 57th minute, Real gave back and almost scored again with Fernando after a great combination with Leandro and a little hat over the defender, but the goalkeeper got to it first again and saved. In the 65th minute, SF City almost scored in a counter-attack in the right side. The midfielder tried to shoot from 40 yards out and almost got Sandro by surprise, but the ball went out of bounds close to the far post. Five minutes later, throw-in for Real, Marcos David passed back to Ricardo who did a "give and go" with Leandro and Ricardo laid off to Oscar in the left side right outside of the box. The shot went really close to the far post. In the 73rd minute, quick counter-attack by Real and Armando sent a perfect ball to the attack to Leandro. He flicked over the first defender and laid it down in the ground for Mauro, but the shot was right onto the goalkeeper.

In the 76th minute, free kick for Real and Fabio wasted the opportunity with a strong shot, but right onto the goalkeeper. Four minutes later, Armando recovered a goal kick and sent it to Fabio. He managed to take two defenders out of the way before sending the ball in the left side opened to Andrew. Andrew carried inside the box, but the shot went over the bar. Five minutes to the end of the game, a rebound from the defense ended up at Fabio's chest. He flicked it over the defender and tried with the left foot, not his strongest, and the ball went over the bar.

In the 87th minute, Fabio recovered the ball in the midfield and sent first time to Leandro. He took it closer to the box in the right side and passed back to Fabio at the top of the arc. The shot was pressed with the ground and the ball ended up easily with the goalkeeper. Before the end of the game, Rodrigo had the last opportunity, after a long ball from Fabio to Leandro, passed back to Marcos David and he assisted to Rodrigo, but the shot went over the bar...again...

Despite of the terrible conditions of the Beach Chalet field and the worse yet referee, Real managed to grind out the victory and a very important one. It was also the fourth shutout this season in forteen games so far. This win gives Real Sao Paulo 25 points in the league, which put them only 3 points behind the leaders now. The league has a break this weekend for the 4th of July holiday, but in the following week Real will face the last team in the table, Haitian Express in the Crocker Amazon field.

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