With triple hat tricks, Real Sao Paulo defeats Haitian by 13-2, new league record

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- With three players getting hat trick - Fabio (4), Mauro (3), and Marcos David (3) - the Real Sao Paulo defeated the Haitian Express by 13-2 Sunday at the Crocker Amazon #3 field. Real scored only one goal and missed a couple of dozen of them in the first half. In the second though, a dozen of goals was enough for the Haitians to give up and for the referee to finish the game almost 10 minutes earlier.

The win also positions Real only one point behind the leaders in the league table with seven games still to go. It also increases Real's goal differential reaching now almost 30 goals, more than 10 goals ahead of the other teams.

In the 3rd minute, corner kick for Haitian Express. Cristiano cleared and started a counter attack with Mauro in the midfield who flicked to Leandro. He, in turn, sent it to Fabio who carried it inside the box and instead of passing to Mauro opened in the right side, decided mistakenly to shoot and missed the goal. One minute later, another ball recovered after the goal kick. Great combination among Cris, Leandro and Fabio, and Mauro got a great chance to score from outside the box, but the shot went over the bar.

In the 5th minute, Cris recovered the ball in the right flank, passed to Marcos David who sent a perfect pass to Leandro. He managed to give over the defender a nice hat and shot really close to the near post, but the ball went out. One minute later, Ricardo recovered this time and passed it to Cris who sent to Fabio first time. Fabio took it towards the box and played a give-and-go with Leandro, but the shot went wide at the right side. In the 9th minute, Haitian express had its first opportunity taking advantage of a missed clearing by Lucas, but Matt was covering for him and followed Haitian's forward all the way to the right side and managed to tackle the ball to corner kick.

Real finally got its first goal in the14th minute. Rhuan stole the ball from the defender as he was going out to counter attack and passed it to Ricardo who sent it first time to Fabio in the top of the arc. Fabio had time to pretend a shot and see Marcos David waiting for the assist . The through ball went behind the defender and Marcos David shot strongly in the left side of the goalkeeper. Real 1-0!

The Tricolores kept dominating from then to the end of the first half, but the forward's accuracy was not calibrated and that was the only goal during the first half. In the 15th minute, Ricardo received a great gift from the defender, but the shot from outside the box went right on the goalkeeper's hands. Two minutes later, free kick for Haitian Express, but Sandro was very well positioned and saved it. In the 21st minute, throw-in for Real and Leandro sent it to Fabio who passed to Marcos David. He waited for Leandro to pass in the left side and passed to him. Leandro delivered it inside the box to Fabio who dribbled the defender and shot really close to the upper, right far corner.

In the 23rd minute, free kick for Real and Cristiano kicked it quickly to Marcos David who dribbled the defender and shot from 40 yards out. The ball hit the top bar and went to the defender's foot who passed back to the goalkeeper who, in turn, caught the ball, but the referee did not call the foul. Three minutes later, Haitian had another chance off the throw-in, but the shot went way over the bar. In the 29th minute, Haitian defender gave the ball onto Cris' feet. He sent it to Mauro who started running in the midfield towards the box. Mauro dribbled the first defender and took it inside the 6-yard line and shot...on the post. The rebound came back to him and the shot went onto the goalkeeper who saved it two more times pressed by Mauro.

In the 30th minute, Leandro received a great assist from Mauro, dribbled the defender twice before shooting onto the goalkeeper. Three minutes later, throw-in for Real and Marcos David tried the shot but it rebounded back to him. He then sent a through pass to Mauro who carried to the top of the arc and laid it to Fabio. He dribbled the defender and passed back to Mauro who shot onto the goalkeeper. At this point, the Real Sao Paulo had 22 shots and only one goal. One minute later, Leandro gave three hats inside the box and laid it to Mauro who dribbled the defender and shot over the bar.

Six minutes to the end of the first half, the play started with Matt to Marcos David and then to Cris and on to Mauro who sent to Fabio in the top of the arc and the shot went inches from the top, right corner. In the 40th minute, Sandro kicked the ball forward and Leadro brought it down to Marcos Davdid who called a give-and-go with Leandro and shot onto the goalkeeper's arms.

Real Sao Paulo came back to the second half decided to scare the bad accuracy away. One minute into the second half, after a series of great passes that involved almost all players, Rhuan received a great assist from Mauro, entered in the right side of the box and shot the ball crossed and low with no chances for the goalkeeper. Real 2-0.

One minute later, Fabio missed another great chance after a fast counter-attack with Leandro, Mauro and Rhuan, and the shot went over the bar. In the 52nd minute, Sandro sent the ball to Ricardo, then to Cris, back to Ricardo and then to Leandro. He found Fabio in progression towards the middle. Fabio passed by the defenders and shot low in the left corner but missed the target...again...

In the 54th minute, Matt recovered a ball in the defense and let it with Ricardo. He passed to Marcos David, then to Kenni and first time to Rhuan. Rhuan sent a throug ball to Mauro and he shot low in the left corner. Real 3-0. Two minutes later, another goal. Mauro recovered a bad pass from Haitian's midfield and took it to the end line in the right side. He was forced to turn back and let it with Marcos David who called a one-two with Cris and scored his second goal in the game in the top, right corner. Real 4-0. Three minutes later, Matt recovered a ball in the midfield and sent a through pass to Fabio. He had time to cut to the inside and shoot in the lower, left corner. Finally his first goal in the game and Real 5-0.

It looked like Real would score one goal per minute at that rythm, but at the 58th minute Haitian decided to spice it up a little. After the kick off, a great combination let Player #13 in front of Sandro who saved amazingly. In the rebound though, a lack of attention inside the box and the low cross found player #13 free again inside the box. Real 5-1.

In the 60th minute, Cris sent it to Marcos David who found Leandro opened in the left side. Leanddro tried to lobby the goalkeeper, but the ball bounced and hit the top bar, remaining easy for the goalkeeper. Five minutes later, Marcos David recovered the ball in the midfield and started a great combination. Leandro received and laid it to Ricardo in the top of the arc, but the shot hit the top bar really strong. Marcos David got the rebound, dribbled two players and took it to the end line. The cross went right on Mauro's feet, but the shot was intercepted by the defender inside the 6-yard box.

In the 66th minute, great play in the left side by Leandro. He sent the ball between two defenders to Mauro who dribbled another one inside the box and let it easily to Kenni to score his first in the game. Real 6-1. Haitian responded again after a mistakenly offside against Real called by the linesman. A long ball was sent toward the attack and Player #13 managed to get a great shot impossible for Sandro to save. Real 6-2.

In the 69th minute, Kenni recovered a ball in the defense and switched to the other side to Ricardo. He sent it to Leandro in the left wing, received back and sent it again toward the end line. Leandro dribbled the goalkeeper who was leaving the goal and passed to Fabio in the penalty mark. Fabio had enough time to set it right this time and score his second in the game. Real 7-2. Four minutes later, Leandro crossed from the left side to Kenni inside the box but the defender headed it out. Fabio recovered, dribbled the defender and shot as the keeper left the goal. Real 8-2.

In the 74th minute, Sandro started the play with Matt. He sent it to Fabio. One-two pass with Ricardo. Fabio took it inside the box, dribbled the defender and shot strong in the left side. Real 9-2. Two minutes later, Matt cleared the ball and Fabio recovered it. Passed it first time to Leandro who assisted to Mauro in the right side. Mauro entered the box and scored another one, Real's tenth in the game.

In the 78th minute, Matt decided to try his and took the ball for almost 100 yards passing by two players and getting in front of the goalkeeper. Nevertheless, the legs were asking for a rest at that time and his shot went out inches from the left post. In the 79th minute, Fabio passed to Marcos David in the right side. He crossed to Leandro alone inside the 6-yard line and he scored. Real 11-2.

In the 80th minute, Ricardo sent it to Leandro opened in the left side. Leandro passed the ball between the defender's legs and crossed it inside the box. Mauro could not reach it, but Marcos David behind him had time to stop the ball, bring it down and shoot really hard. Real 12-2. Three minutes later, Marcos David recovered the ball in the midfield, passed to Rhuan who laid it to Mauro in progression. Mauro took it inside the box and scored a golaco to close the bill. Real 13-2 and the referee decided to end the match 7 minutes earlier...

Real managed to take great advantage of the fact that Haitian Express had a short side and took the opportunity to increase significantly its goal differential. It is specially important in the event that two or more teams tie with the same number of points in the SFSFL league. It also kept Real in their positive streak, recording 5 wins and 1 tie in the last six games. It gives Real Sao Paulo 28 points in the league, only 1 point behind the leaders Golden Gate and Club Marin Reserves now. Real will now face one of the leaders - Golden Gate - in the Crocker Amazon field next Sunday. "It is a six-point game", said coach Fabio. "If we win, we get three points and they loose another three", he explained.


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