Draw and bad referee calls leave Real wanting more against Golden Gate

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- On paper, a draw against the league's top side is a good result. On the Crocker Amazon #3 pitch, however, Real Sao Paulo were far from satisfied from their 1-1 draw with the Golden Gate University on Sunday afternoon. The frustrated Red-White-and-Black took no solace in earning point from GGU even more after having two goals mistakenly cancelled by the referee and linesman during the game.

Real entered the game one point behind Golden Gate for first place in the league, thanks to a run of good form that had led to five wins and one tie for the Tricolores in their last six league games. Given that Golden Gate University was playing without their main goalkeeper, it seemed to be a prime opportunity for Real to pick up a major victory, but the referee and linesman contributed for taking away two legite goals from Real and letting GGU tie the game several minutes after the added time had already expired.

In the 7th minute, Golden Gate had the first opportunity of the game with a free kick 40 yards out. Player #11 took it and the ball would have gone inside the net in the middle of the goal, but Sandro was very well positioned and sent it to corner kick. Two minutes later, chance for Real. After a hard foul, player #18 got his first yellow card of the game. Fernando took the free kick and sent it inside the box. Fabio tried to take it first time, but missed the shot.

Ten minutes into the first half, Deto, debutting for Real in the midfield, received the ball from Kenni's throw-in, dribbled the left back and took a shot from outside the box and almost hit the top left corner of the goalkeeper. Three minutes later, Kenni sent the free kick from the defense to the midfield. After a great combination among Deto, Cris and Leandro, the ball ended up with Mauro, but the shot was pressed with the defender and remained easy for the goalkeeper. He tried to start a counter-attack and Player #11 got the ball in the midfield and took it to the top of the arc, but the shot went wide in the left side.

In the 15th minute, after the goal kick, Golden Gate created a very dangerous combination in the top of the arc. The first shot was intercepted, but player #11 took it inside the box, dribbled two defenders and shot for Sandro's save in the near post. After the rebound, Golden Gate recovered the ball again and created a play in the left flank. After the cross, Kenni saved it and sent it to corner kick after the ball passed by all defenders and by Sandro. Four minutes later, free kick for Golden Gate in their defense side. The ball was sent forward to the top of Real's arc and flicked by Player #11. The ball ended up with Player #10, but he could not control it and Matt saved. In the counter attack, Deto got fouled and Player #14 got the yellow card. Golden Gate's second in the game. Fabio took the free kick, but the ball hit the hand of the defender in the block and then Mauro before leaving through the end line.

In the 31st minute, throw-in for Real. Ricardo received back from Rodrigo and back heeled the ball to him. Rodrigo sent to Fabio who just flicked to Leandro. He took it inside the box, but the shot was too weak and too easy for the goalkeeper. Three minutes later, the goal kick by Sandro reached Marcos David in the center. He sent it to Leandro who dribbled the defender and laid it to Fernando, but the shot went over the bar. In the 36th minute, Fernando called a give-and-go with Leandro and, as he carried the ball inside the box, he was fouled but the referee did not give the penalty.

One minute before the end of the first half, Leandro called a great give-and-go with Marcos David, took it inside the box, but the shot with the left foot was pressed with the ground and the ball went ouside by the near post.

Real came back to the second half decided to get the win. But nine minutes into the second half, Sandro sent the goal kick quickly to Ricardo, but he missed the pass and started a counter-attack for Golden Gate. Player #11 took it to the top of the arc and shot outside in the left side of the goal. In the 55th minute, Sandro had another opportunity and after the ball bounced back to him, he started a great play with the ball on the ground to Cris. From him to Ricardo and then to Rodrigo who sent the ball in the midfield to Leandro. Leandro started with Marcos David who took his time and passed to Deto. Deto laid it to Ricardo and the shot was inaccurate and Golden Gate defense took it out there.

In the 57th minute, Sandro repositioned the ball perfectly to Breno who started a counter-attack but was brutally hit by Player #7. Third yellow card for Golden Gate and referee starting to loose grip of the game. Five minutes later, free kick for Real. Cris sent to Ricardo who dribbled the first one and lost the ball. The ball was recovered by Deto and passed back to Ricardo who sent first time to Fabio opened in the left side. Fabio crossed inside the box and the goalkeeper tried to come out of the 6-yard box to punch the ball and barely reached it. The ball bounced in front of Mauro who cracked it and scored, but the linesman indicated offside. The video highlights (click here) show at the 4:40 minute mark that Mauro was not offside.

In the 65th minute, free kick for Golden Gate. Player #11 tried Sandro's right, upper corner, but Sandro made an spectacular save sending it to corner kick. Eight minutes later, after the free kick for Golden Gate, Ricardo slided and recovered the ball to Deto. Deto sent first time to Ricardo who did the same to Fabio. Fabio carried towards the center and sent a through ball to Mauro, but he could not reach it and the goalkeeper got to it first. One minute later, as the GGU's goalkeeper tried to punt it back, Cristiano recovered the ball and Rodrigo sent it to Deto. Deto sent it to Breno who played back with him. Deto took it to the end line and crossed it inside the box. The shot fooled the goalkeeper who could not catch it and dropped it inside the goal. The linesman, once again, invalidated the goal indicating Real's forward was offside. It is clear in the video highlights (click here) at the 6:00 minute mark that it was not the case.

In the 84th minute, Rodrigo recovered the ball and sent it to Fabio in the left side. Fabio called a give-and-go with Deto who set it up to him in the left side of the box. Fabio cut to the middle and shot, but it went lower in the keeper's right side. Three minutes later, free kick for Real. Cristiano took it and the goalkeeper saved it, but almost went with the ball inside the goal. Two minutes to the end of the regulation time, Real was the only team at this point fighting for the winner goal. Sandro sent the ball to Fernando in the right side. He took it and sent to Ricardo opened in the left. Ricardo tried Deto, but missed. Leandro recovered and did a great give-and-go with Mauro, but the shot was pressed with the defender and went to corner kick.

In the 89th minute, Cris cleared the ball in the defense and Marcos David started the counter attack with Mauro in the right side. The low cross was perfect for Fabio, but he could not reach it. In the 90th minute, after the goal kick intercepted by Matt, Mauro recovered the ball and lost it but Rodrigo recovered back again. Deto sent it to Leandro who passed back to Fabio but he could not reach it. Ricardo recovered it and passed it to Fabio again who flicked between his own legs in the top of the arc and Marcos David got it, took his time, cut to the inside and hit the perfect shot. Real FINALLY 1-0!

Right before the goal, the referee had indicated 3 minutes of added time. One minute after the 3rd additional time called by the referee, Golden Gate got a free kick. Real coach and players asked the referee and the linesman for substitution, but they were shut down and asked to move back. It is clear in the video highlights (click here) at the 9:15 minute mark that how desperate the players were asking for the substitution as Marcos David was exhausted lying down in the field. Golden Gate player kicked a long ball into Real's box in favor of the wind. The ball bounced behind the defense line and the forward headed it over Sandro who was leaving the goal. Golden Gate managed to tie the game like that. 

The draw was not the expected and deserved result for Real and it might not do much to hold the Real's position in the league. With Club Marin Reserves and Tyneside's wins, they are now first and second in the league a couple of points ahead of Golden Gate University. Real finds itself in fourth place now, three points behind the leader now. Real will now face Melchester Rovers in the Beach Chalet field next Sunday. "They will face a team very disatisfied with the league.", said coach Fabio. "We finished the game eager for justice and we expect to focus that energy to win our next game", he added.

For a more detailed game report, including video highlights and game stats, please click here.


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