Real extends unbeaten run to eight matches with scorching victory against Rovers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Goals from Fabio, Rodrigo and Marcos David helped Real extend their unbeaten string to 8 games with a 3-1 win against Melchester Rovers at Beach Chalet #1 field on Sunday afternoon. The midfield performance coupled with a solid defensive effort and a few nice saves from keeper Sandro Britz helped Real settle for now Real's dominance in this rivalry matchup against the Irish team.

Right from the opening whistle, this edition of the SuperClásico was a cagey one. It was obvious that both teams had a healthy respect for each other as they spent the first ten minutes of the game locked in a stalemate in the midfield. The game began to open up as the clock passed the 10-minute mark. Quality passes from the Real side started to overcome the long balls from defense to attack strategy from the Rovers side.

In the 7th minute, Cris passed the ball to Rodrigo in the midfield who sent it to Mauro, but the pass was intercepted. In the counter attack, Ricardo gave onside condition to the forward. Cris always very focused and well positioned recovered the ball but the referee called a foul. The quick free kick shot was weak and easy for Sandro's save. Three minutes later, Cris recovered the ball in the defense, passed to Marcos David, who gave it to Deto. Deto lobbied ahead of him and Mauro brought the ball down and tried to send it to Fabio. Melchester player did not recover it completely and then Deto stole the ball from him. Fabio got the pass in the right flank, dribbled 4 players and was going inside the box for the shot, but the defender intercepted with good timing. In the rebound, Fernando wasted an easy opportunity to open the score for Real, but the low shot was saved by the goalkeeper sending the ball to corner kick.

In the 12th minute, throw-in for Real. Deto got the rebound off the defender and tried a powerful shot, but it went out by the far post. One minute later, Matt cleared the ball in the defense and Rodrigo flicked with the head to the attack. Fabio brought the ball down to the ground to Deto who sent a through ball to Mauro. Mauro took it inside the box and shot strongly for the goalkeeper's save. Mauro still managed to get the rebound in the left side of the box and crossed a low pass inside the box to Fabio. He managed to stop the ball with his tight and cracked a low, crossed comet inside the net. Real 1-0!

Matt continued doing a great job in the defense, cleaning the ball in the 20th minute to the side for Ricardo. He passed to Fabio who back heeled it first time to Deto. Deto took the ball inside the box and was fouled from behind, but the referee did not give the PK and Real got the corner kick. One minute later, Rovers goalkeeper sent a long ball to the attack, as this appeared to be the only play they had. The forward flicked the ball with the head and the other forward got the ball, took it away from Sandro and crossed, but Matt was there again to clean it out and send it to corner kick.

In the 23rd minute, Sandro caught the cross and immediately started a counter-attack in the left side with Ricardo. He passed the ball to Fabio in the left flank who sent a through ball to Fernando. He, in turn, carried it a couple of yards and decided to take a shot from 30 yards out, but it went away to the left of the far post. One minute later, free kick for the Rovers. The long ball was sent again towards Real's box, the forward flicked with the head and the ball ended up in the other forward's foot again. When he tried to shoot, Rodrigo was right there to intercept and send the ball to the side line.

Twenty seven minutes into the first half, counter-attack for Real. Mauro managed to get the ball in the midfield and sent in the left side to Fernando who was opened. Fernando took it inside the box and shot with the left foot, but the keeper managed to save it again. In the rebound, Rodrigo shot strong but too high and the goalkeeper recovered it easily.

In the 42nd minute, Real increased the lead. Free kick for Real in the defense side. Cris sent the ball to Kenni who gave it to Rodrigo. After passes between him and Fernando, Ricardo got the ball in the opposite side. Ricardo tried to send it inside the box, but the defender intercepted. Rodrigo got the rebound, dribbled the first one and then, in one single dribble, passed by two other defenders before dribbling the goalkeeper and flicking the ball inside the net. GOLACO! Real 2-0.

One minute before the end of the first half, Breno recovered the ball in the midfield and called a give-and-go with Fabio who laid the ball too fast and ahead of him and Breno could not reach it in time as the goalkeeper came out of the goal to save it.

Real Sao Paulo came back to the second half looking for another goal. In the first minute, Breno made beautiful play in the left side, dribbled two players and tried a shot from 40 yards out, but it went out by the far post. Six minutes later, Kenni managed to recover the ball from the forward and sent it to Ricardo in the left side. Ricardo tried a dangerous, but successful dribble inside the box around the forward and sent it to Fernando, then first time to Humberto. Fabio got the ball in the midfield and gave it back to Humberto, who then tried to pass back to Breno, but the defender intercepted.

In the 58th minute, Marcos David got fouled in the top of the arc. Cris took the free kick, but the shot was too high over the bar. Three minutes later, Marcos David sent the throw-in quickly to Breno. He won the dispute with the defender and carried the ball inside the box, but the shot was just close to the far post. Real kept pressing. Throw-in for Real and Breno dribbled two players, set it to the right side for himself and cracked a beautiful shot right on the top bar.

In the 67th minute, Matt cleared the ball to Humberto who let it with Fernando. He sent a through ball to Breno who carried it to the end line but did not have enough power to cross it inside the box where Fabio and Marcos David were alone waiting for it. One minute later, throw-in for Rovers. Ricardo recovered and start the ball with Deto, then to Humberto who sent a perfect through assist to Marcos David, who dribbled the defender, then the goalkeeper and scored an amazingly beautiful goal. Real 3-0.

Melchester Rovers decided to respond immediately after the 3rd goal. Another long ball sent to the Real's box, this time Matt could not clear it out completely, and player #5 managed to take it to the end line and crossed a low pass. The ball passed by three defenders and ended up easy for the forward to choose the side and score. Real 3-1.

In the 72nd minute, counter-attack for Real. Ricardo sent a great long ball to the attack. Fabio took it from the defender and shot from outside the box, but the defender managed to slighly intercept it and send it to corner kick. Fabio kicked it quickly to Ricardo who laid it to Mauro. The shot went a little high over the bar.

Five minutes later, hrow-in for Rovers.  Breno recovered it and gave it to Deto. He then played with Fernando. Fernando sent a long cross to Fabio who stopped with the chest and assisted it to Breno. Breno took the shot, but it was too weak and easy for the goalkeeper. Two minutes before the end of the game, Rovers tried one more time with a through ball to forward player #8, but Sandro did a great save and prevented their second goal.

The win was exactly what Real Sao Paulo needed to keep trailing the top three teams until they face two of them again soon. With five games to the end of the season, Real finds itself still in fourth place, still three points behind the leader. Real will now face SF Celtic Reserves in the Crocker Amazon field next Sunday.

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