Hat trick and shutout to help Real rout SF Celtic Reserves by six goals

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Forward Leandro Monteiro, coming back from suspension, did not waste the opportunity to assist Real extending their unbeaten string to 9 games with a 6-0 win against SF Celtic Reserves at Crocker Amazon #3 field on Sunday afternoon. The forward got a hat trick and the solid defense helped Real to gain 3 more points and another shutout, the fifth of the season so far.

Another important player that has consistently assisted Real Sao Paulo with the results so far is the other forward Mauro Pinheiro who got two more assists on this game for a total of 12 assists during the season so far. "Only the championship matters now, not the goals" said Mauro after the game. "As long as the team keeps scoring and winning, I am happy!".

In the 8th minute, throw-in for SF Celtic. Leandro recovered, dribbled two players and started a give-and-go with Mauro. After a couple of passes between them, Mauro tried the shot but it was blocked. In the counter-attack, Ricardo well-positioned stole the ball and gave it to Fabio who openened the game in the right side. Rodrigo then sent it to Marcos David who tried the cross, but the goalkeeper intercepted. Three minutes later, Ricardo managed to clear out the ball and started a counter-attack for Real with Leandro. He passed to Fabio who tried to pass back first time, but got tackled. Then, after a quick flip, Fabio managed to send the ball forward to Leandro who tried a first time cross to Mauro, but it was intercepted by the defender who sent the ball to corner kick for Real.

In the 12th minute, Cris this time cleared the ball in the defense and passed it to Leandro, then first time to Ricardo. Fabio ended up recovering the ball and tried to pass by two players and got fouled from behind and the referee did not show the yellow for the second time in the game. Rodrigo took the free kick, but the shot went close to the far post. 

Leandro lost the ball in the midfield in the 21st minute. Cris tried to fix it, got fouled, but the referee did not call it. Player #9 took the ball all the way to the end line and crossed to player #14 in the top of the arc. The shot had a right destiny inside the goal, but Sandro made an amazing save sending it to corner. Two minutes later, SF Celtic tried a long ball from the midfield to the attack and got Real's defense out of position. Player #11 tried a strong shot from outside the box in the right side, but it went very close over the bar for Sandro's and Real's benefit.

In the 25th minute, Real finally got in the scoreboard. Humberto received a long, low pass from the right side to the left side of the field close to the end line. He passed back to Fabio who managed to squeeze between two players and carry the ball inside the box. Two players from SF Celtic slided and tackled him and the referee called the PK. Leandro took it and scored it perfectly in the low, right side of the goalkeeper. Real 1-0.

Eight minutes later, and Real scored again. Goal kick for SF Celtics. Rodrigo recovered the ball in the right midfield and followed the play all the way to the left side. In the meantime, Mauro created a great pass combination in the top of the arc and sent a lobby pass to Rodrigo inside the box. Rodrigo managed to take the defender with a nice chest touch and, almost with no angle at all, cracked a crossed shot toward the top, far post and the ball went inside the net where "the owl sleeps"...Real 2-0.

Two minutes later, SF Celtic seemed to have lost confidence and Real capitalized on it again. Fernando intercepted a pass in the midfield and carried the ball in the left side. He passed it to Mauro who sent a centered pass in the top of the arc to Ricardo. He tried a low shot, but the goalkeeper managed to save it. As the goalkeeper tried to send a long kick to the attack, Rodrigo recovered the ball, passed to Marcos David in the right side who crossed the ball low in the ground to Breno Batista inside the box. He had time to choose the side and shot in the lower, far side scoring the third goal for Real.

The SF Celtic then went about trying to reverse Real's victory, although it was Real who showed more initiative to start the half. In the 46th minute, throw-in for SF Celtic. Leandro recovered and let it with Humberto who sent a through ball to Leandro. Leandro stopped the ball and set it for Humberto outside the box. Humberto had to much juice in the shot and the ball went over the bar.

In the 52nd minute, Cris cleared a long pass to the left side of the field. Then, he started the play with Matt who sent it to the left side to Kenni. Kenni managed to send a perfect lobby pass toward the midfield to Marcos David. He sent the ball around the defender and took it inside the box. He then saw Leandro approaching and passed the ball back to him in the top of the arc. Leandro managed to dribble the first defender with the first touch in the ball and then also sent the ball around the second defender, catching it in the other side, and the shot crossed, low scoring an amazingly beautiful goal. Real 4-0.

Four minutes later, Corner kick for Real and Leandro passed to Marcos David. He lost the ball but Cris recovered and sent it back to Leandro. He crossed the ball inside the box to Breno who set it to Fernando. He tried a shot but it was intercepted and created a counter-attack for SF Celtic. Player #5 received a long pass in the left side, cut to the inside and tried a shot from 40 yards out, but Sandro well-positioned saved with no problem. In the 60th minute, throw-in for SF Celtic, the player crossed the ball in the top of the arc and Player #5 took a dangerous shot, but Sandro followed it with his eyes to make sure it was off-target.

In the 62nd minute, Rodrigo called a give-and-go in the midfield with Leandro, took the ball to the end line and crossed. Fernando recovered it in the opposite side, took it to the top of the arc and, although got fouled, kept going back inside the box and shot, but it went over the bar. Four minutes later, Fabio recovered the ball and passed it to Cris. He tried Marcos David, but the pass was short and Marcos managed to kick it back to Cris. He then tried with Humberto toward the left side. Humberto sent it to Fabio who passed by two midfielders and passed the ball to the left side (looking to the right side) to Leandro. He took it inside the box but, as the keeper was leaving the goal, he could not lobby the ball high enough and the keeper managed to save it.

Throw-in for Real in the 71st minute. The SF Celtic defense cleared out. Ricardo passed to Mauro who let it for Kenni who tried a shot from 40 yards out and took paint off the top bar. Twelve minutes later, free kick for SF Celtic. Player #19 crossed it in the top of the arc and the tall Player #18 flicked the ball trying to lobby it over Sandro, but he managed to reach for the ball with the tip of his hands and sent it to corner...great save!

Five minutes to the end of hte game and Real scored another one. Corner kick for SF Celtic. Fabio positioned himself opened in the left side. The kick came low and Ricardo managed to send it first time to Fabio. He pushed the counter-attack very quickly and sent it ahead to Mauro. He, in turn, accelerated more than the goalkeeper and reached it first, laying a perfect assist to Leandro in the right side free inside the box who just cumplimented it to the goal. Real 5-0.

Before the end of the game, goal kick for Real and Sandro started a perfect play in which almost all players participated and resulted in the goal. Sandro passed it to Ricardo in the left side. Ricardo passed it back to Cris who sent it to Humberto in the midfield. Humberto passed it back to Ricardo and received back from him before sending it in the left side to Fernando. Fernando called a give-and-go with Fabio in the midfield and received a perfect pass back. SF Celtic defense line decided to call an offside trap close to the center line, but Fernando was fast enough to send a through ball to Marcos David coming from behind the line. Marcos David had all the time of the world to take the ball inside the box and shoot as the goalkeeper was leaving the goal. Real 6-0.

The win keeps Real Sao Paulo with chances of winning the league or at least finish in second place. Since Club Marin lost their game, Real is now in the 3rd position, one point behind Golden Gate and two points behind Tyneside. With four games to the end of the season, Real Sao Paulo FC needs to win all of them and pray for GGU to loose at least one point. Real will now face AC Milan in the Crocker Amazon field next Sunday.

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