Real Sao Paulo srtuggles with injuries, but gets 3-1 win against AC Milan

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- The Real Sao Paulo had found the going tough against AC Milan during the first half of the game, suffering several player injuries and taking a tying goal due to a terrible defense mistake. But on the second half of the match on Sunday morning at Crocker Amazon #4, Real found a way to turn the tables, earning a 3-1 win over the AC Milan side, with goals coming from three different scorers.

Matt Gruber had a concussion after an accidental shock with goalkeeper Sandro Britz when protecting the ball. Kenni also got a broken foot when trying to clear the ball from defense hitting AC Milan's player cleats. Besides the injuries, this was the last game for Sandro Britz who will miss the last three games and Mauro got ejected after a bad call by the referee.

Despite of all the issues during the first half, Real started pushing really hard from right the start. In the first minute, Fabio recovered a ball in the defense and passed it to Deto who sent it first time to Breno. With a blind pass, Breno put Fabio opened in the left side pulling the counter-attack. Fabio passed to Breno who tried a through ball to Fernando, but he could not reach it inside the box. Two minutes later, Sandro played with Ricardo in the left side. Ricardo sent to Deto who passed first time to Fabio. Fabio controlled the ball and gave it back to Deto. Deto took it towards the box and gave it to Breno who laid it to Mauro. Mauro opened once more to Marcos David in the right side who could not reach it still inside the box. When he got the ball, he also got a foul which deserved a yellow card, but the referee did not give it.

In the 4th minute, corner kick for Real. The goalkeeper barely reached it and it ended up with Fabio who tried a first time shot, but missed the target. In the 10th minute, Matt recovered an important ball in the top of the arc and sent it to Marcos David who opened with Kenni in the right side. Kenni sent in the middle to Breno who opened it back in the right to Marcos David. Fernando asked for it in progression and shot really strong. The goalkeeper saved and Breno, well-positioned for the rebound, managed to hit it with the tip of the cleat, but the goalkeeper let it pass close to the near post. 

Four minutes later, AC Milan kept trying to create an opportunity, but Real was not willing to let it happen. Ricardo and Fabio battled for a ball in the left side and recovered it. Ricardo sent a great through ball to Breno in the top of the arc and the referee mistakenly called the offside. AC Milan then sent a long ball to the attack, but Matt recovered it and started the goal play with Deto. Deto gave it to Breno who laid it to Fernando. Fernando opened with Fabio in the left side. Fabio passed first time to Mauro in the top of the arc. He had time to take a couple more steps before assisting a perfect pass to Deto, who had run more than 90 yards from defense. Deto hit a perfect low shot with the left foot with no chance to the goalkeeper. Real 1-0.

In the 17th minute, Deto recovered a ball to Ricardo. He passed by the first midfielder and sent a through ball to Mauro. He could not reach it and the defender cleared it out. Deto recovered it again, gave a nice hat over the AC Milan player and decided to switch the side. Marcos David decided to give it back to Deto who opened with Ricardo in the left side. Ricardo sent a through pass to Fabio who turned around and tried a shot from outside the box, but it went over the bar. Eight minutes later, Deto recovered the ball again in the center mid and passed it to Mauro. He had time to turn around and see Fabio passing by opened in the left side. The assist was perfect and the shot was well aimed low in the far post, but the goalkeeper managed to save it.

In the 27th minute, Sandro sent a long ball to the attack. Breno stopped it and gave it to Mauro going inside the box in the left side. The shot was strong and crossed enough, but it went out by the far post. Two minutes later, after a long ball sent towards Real's box, Matt cleared it up and started running after it inside the box as Sandro was leaving the goal. They both colided in the air with AC Milan's player pushing them both together. An unfortunate accident that will probably take our best players out of action until the end of the season.

In the 34th minute, AC Milan defense cleared the ball towards the attack. Abel who had recently entered the match substituting Matt could not clear the ball and tried to protect it inside the box. Two players from AC Milan pressed him, recovered the ball and shot to tie the game. Real 1-1.

Before the end of the first half, a curios, controversial call by the referee. Breno got recklessly fouled and not even an yellow card was shown, because the AC Milan player already had got one. Free kick for Real and Fabio was taking his time waiting for the whistle. The referee, who had not even measured the block distance after Fabio's request, blew the whistle authorizing the free kick. Fabio was trying to decide if he should shoot it directly or try a set play and after 7 seconds, the referee decided to finish the 1st half without letting the free kick.

Three minutes into the second half, Kenni recovered the ball in the right side and started a counter-attack. He took it all the way to the midfield and passed to Mauro who then tried to pass back to him, but it was behind Kenni and he could not get it. Throw-in for AC Milan and Cris cleared it out. Deto recovered and gave it to Mauro who sent to Fabio who lost the ball but got the throw-in. He sent to Breno quickly who tried a bike kick, but it was weak and easy for the goalkeeper save.

In the 50th minute, throw-in for AC Milan and Fernando recovered the ball. Deto started with Cris, who sent it to Fabinho and then to Kenni. Kenni found Marcos David free in the right side and he then sent it to Mauro. He dribbled the first one and shot in the near post a dangerous ball, but the goalkeeper saved it again, sending it to corner. In the 61st minute, Fernando made a great play in the midfield and gave it to Deto. He opened with Breno who sent the ball to Lucas supporting in the right side. Lucas called a give-and-go with Marcos David and then tried a shot with no angle and the ball went outside by the near post.

Two minutes later, Lucas tried a pass inside the box to Breno, but the defender intercepted and created a counter-attack. Cris protected the ball and got fouled from behind, but the referee did not call it. AC Milan player entered alone in the box and missed the shot as Sandro was protecting the goal well-positioned. Cris got a yellow card for complaining due to the high level of frustration with the referee. In the 70th minute, Cris recovered the ball in the midfield and sent it to Deto. He passed to Breno who laid it to Fernando. Fernando opened with Fabio but the pass was behind him and the defender managed to send it to corner. Ricardo kicked it and sent it perfectly to Fabio in the penalty mark (as requested) and the header had the net as the target, but the goalkeeper managed to send it out over the bar saving the goal.

In the 75th minute, a couple of terrible mistakes by the referee. First, he cancelled a legite goal by Real by calling a supposed hand ball by AC Milan player in the midfield several seconds before Real scored. When asked about the advantage rule, he stated "There is no such thing in soccer...". Real kept pressing and after a long ball sent by Fabinho, Fabio was opportunistic and let it lobby the goalkeeper before sending it to the net. The referee cancelled that one also alleging offside.

In the 79th minute, Sandro sent the ball to Fabio in the left side. He stopped it and sent it to Breno who passed to Marcos David, then to Mauro who backheeled to Fernando. The shot was low and strong, but right on the goalkeeper who saved it easily. Three minutes later, Real pressing for the goal. Corner kick and Fabio sent it all the way in the far post where Cris and Marcos David tried to head it down inside the goal, but it passed inches from the post.

In the 85th minute, goal kick for AC Milan. Fernando recovered it in the center mid and sent it to Deto who sent first time to Fabio in the opposite side of the field. Fabio took it inside the box, raised his head and with calm sent a perfect assist for Mauro inside the box who also found confidence and focus enough to put it inside the net. Real, finally, 2-1.

One minute before the end of the game, another goal. Deto cleared the ball in the top of Real's arc all the way to the left side. Fabio ran after it and stopped it before it went out through the AC Milan's end line. He waited for the right opportunity and saw Breno approaching in the midfield. He passed it to Breno who called a give-and-go with Lucas in the top of the arc. Breno got the ball crossed carrying it inside the box and cracked a torpedo to put final numbers to the game. Real 3-1.

The win keeps Real's chances of winning the league still on. Since GGU and Tyneside won their games, Real is still in 3rd position, one point behind Golden Gate and two points behind Tyneside. With three games to the end of the season, Real Sao Paulo FC needs to win all of them and pray for GGU to loose at least one point. Real will now face Club Marin Reserves in the Beach Chalet field next Sunday.

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