Club Marin Reserves snap Real Sao Paulo's 10-game unbeaten run

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Club Marin Reserves took advantage of the long throw-ins inside the small box behind Real's  substitute goalkeeper Vitor Ohtsuki and of an inexperient referee penalty call, and put an end to the Real Sao Paulo 10-game unbeaten streak, winning 4-2 on Sunday afternoon at Beach Chalet #1 field. The team now depends on some results to finish in the first two positions securing promotion to the Majors division.

Although winning the league for Real depends on a series of results from the other games, finishing in second place and getting promoted to the Majors division is still a dream that might come true in the last 2 games remaining.

The first real opportunity was for Club Marin Reserves in the 4th minute. After a mistakenly called offside against Real, defense player sent a long ball towards Real's box in the right side. After a couple of headers, the ball ended up with Player #7 who cut to the left side and shot a low ball. Vitor could not hold it and Player #19 scored Club Marin's first goal off the rebound.

Real responded immediately. Two minutes later, throw-in for Real. Deto sent it to Fabio who tried to stop it but lost it. Deto recovered, passed it to Marcos David in the center mid who saw Leandro running in the right side. The long ball was going to reach Leandro, but the defender decided to put the head on it and scored an own goal for Real.

In the 10th minute, throw-in for Club Marin Reserves. The long throw-in was the most dangerous play by Club Marin during the whole game. This time, Marcos David managed to clear it out and Rhuan passed it back to him so he could open the ball in the right side with Armando. Armando took two players and switched to the left side to Fabio. Fabio headed first time setting it up for Deto, but the show went over the bar. Three minutes later, throw-in this time for Real and Armando played with Deto and then to Rodrigo. Rodrigo tried a cross inside the box and the goalkeeper rebounded. Marcos David got the rebound and shot, but the left back was well positioned and rebounded to corner kick.

In the 17th minute, throw-in for Club Marin. Rodrigo recovered and switched side to the right to Armando. Armando played with Rodrigo again and the ball eneded up with Armando. He passed to Fabio who set it up to Leandro and got badly fouled, but not even an yellow card was shown. One minute later, goal kick for Club Marin and Lucas cleared the ball. Armando was waiting for it in the midfield and got fouled. Marcos David intelligently kicked it quickly to Leandro who gave it back to him. Marcos David took it inside the box, fake the shot, dribbled the goalkeeper and scored a great goal for Real, now 2-1 in the score.

In the 24th minute, free kick for Real Sao Paulo in the left side. Fabio set it up and hit a perfect curved ball. The goalkeeper could not reach it and it hit the near post under him. The ball went along the goal line and went out for the easy clearing by the defender. Two minutes later, long throw-in again by Club Marin. Vitor could not reach the ball and it ended up hitting Marin's forward hand. The referee did not call it and the shot went over the bar for Real's luck.

Four minutes later, free kick for Real. Cris passed it to Ricardo who took it to Breno in the right side. Breno sent it in the top of the arc to Ricardo who back heeled it to Leandro. The shot went over the bar. In the 30th minute, long throw-in by Marin one more time (do not loose count). The forward managed to pass by Rhuan and took it to the end line. He crossed a low dangerous ball, but the other forward could not send it inside the net.

In the 35th minute, throw-in for Real. Fabio sent it to Rhuan who sent a long ball to the right side. Armando got it, found a way through the defender and crossed inside the box. Leandro was very well positioned and managed to head it, but two players pressed him and the header ended up easily for the goalkeeper to save. One minute later, another throw-in for Real. Fabio played with Deto who sent the ball in the top of the arc to Leandro. He let it pass to Ricardo, but the shot went over the bar.

In the 43rd minute, goal kick for Real. Cris sent it to the midfield, but Marin recovered. A through ball put player #16 free in front of the goalkeeper, but the lobby goes out by the far post. In the 44th minute, counter-attack for Real. Leandro sent to Fabio who set it to Breno, but the defender cleared it out. Rodrigo recovered the ball in the left wing, dribbled two players and gave it to Deto. The ball went back to Lucas who sent a through ball to Fabio. He set it to the right and tried the shot, but it went wide out by the far post. One minute before the end of the 1st half, a lack of attention in the right side and Club Marin player #10 dribbled Ricardo, entered the box, but Vitor did an amazing save in his feet before the shot.

Three minutes into the second half, free kick for Real. Deto took it with the left foot and sent a strong shot, but it went over the bar. Five minutes later, Ricardo recovered a ball and gave it to Deto. Deto switched to the right side to Fabio. He stopped the ball in the chest, passed between two defenders, dribbled another one and then got stuck with four defenders around him and lost the ball. In the 55th minute, counter-attack for Real. Marcos David left it with Deto who sent it in the midfield with Rodrigo. He passed back with Deto who called a give and go with Marcos David. Then took it to Fabio who set it to Leandro, but he could not shoot. The defender cleared out and Ricardo recovered and gave it to Armando who took it inside the box and shot right on the goalkeeper.

In the 57th minute, Club Marin tied the game again with another long throw-in inside the box. This time, Vitor could not reach it and Player #19 entered alone, unmarked behind him and scored a header. Real 2-2.

In the 61st minute, counter-attack for Real and Marcos David sent a long pass, crossed to Leandro in the left side. As the goalkeeper left the goal, Leandro tried to lobby the ball over him, but he managed to reach it with the tip of the fingers. Two minutes later, free kick for Real and Marcos David passed the ball straight to player #19 from Marin. He set it in the top of the arc to player #8 and the shot passed really close to the near post. In the 72nd minute, corner kick for Real. Leandro sent it to the box and Breno tried a bike kick. The ball rebounded to Fabio who cracked a shot right on the top bar. The ball returned to him and he took another one with the left, but got blocked. The third time he tried the shot, the ball was saved in the goal line by the defender and then got cleared out.

In the 75th minute, corner kick for Marin. Deto cleared the ball away from the box and Marin player stood in front of him. Deto tried to avoid contacting him and threw himself on the ground away from him. The referee mistakenly called a penalty for Club Marin. The shot was in the middle of the goal right under Vitor who could not reach it and avoid the goal. Club Marin came back with 3-2.

In the 79th minute, another goal with long throw-in for Club Marin to put final numbers to the match. After player #16 from Club Marin faked a confusion inside the box, the referee decided to give him a yellow card. Another long throw-in inside Real's box and another goal by Club Marin behind Vitor.

In the 83rd minute, goal kick for Real. Ricardo started the play with Deto who carried the ball in the midfield and opened to Breno in the left side. Breno sent a cross inside the box to Leandro who tried to lay it behind the goalkeeper, but it was too weak and the defender saved over the goal line again.

Real's next match is against Martin Macks on Sunday. The match is in the Beach Chalet field and Real needs a win in order to keep the chances for promotion alive. A tie between Tyneside and Club Marin Reserves is always welcome for Real, as is a loss by Golden Gate University as well.

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