Mauro scores two goals and powers Real Sao Paulo past Martin Macks

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Real Sao Paulo nailed another important win by 2-1 against Martin Macks this last Sunday at Beach Chalet #1. The team was lead by the outstanding play of Mauro Pinheiro. The team forward was active all afternoon, creating much of Real's offense with solid marking and clever off-the-ball movement. His two goals regained the 3rd position in the league table for Real.

Real side also saw strong performances from its defenders: Eduardo, Fabio Carvalho, Ricardo and Fernando. Fernando, playing his last game of the season with Real before returning to Brazil, was also dangerous up top, causing all kinds of problems for Martin Macks defenders and assisting Mauro on both goals.


Real Sao Paulo started the contest on their heels, allowing Martin Macks the majority of possession and pushing back deep into its own end. In the 6th minute, after a lost ball by Real player in the middle, Martin Macks left wing managed to cross the ball inside the box but Fernando was there with the forward and sent it to corner kick, although Martin Mack's player touched the ball last. After the corner kick, Martin Macks got the rebound but the shot went out very close to the far post. Three minutes later, throw-in for real and Fabio played with Deto. He took it to the end line and crossed, but Martin Macks defender managed to clear and started a counter-attack. The low cross came from the left side inside the box and Fernando managed to clear it out to corner kick. After the corner kick, Eduardo managed to protect the ball from the forward who headed out.

The Red-Black-and-White finally began to find some composure as the game passed the 10-minute mark. In the 12th minute, goal kick for Real and, after the head flick by the Martin Macks defender, the ball ended up easy for Leandro who tried to shoot low under the goalkeeper, but the defender cleared it out over the goal line. Fabio got the rebound and shot a curve ball in the near post and the goalkeeper saved. He then tried to send a long ball to the attack, but Fernando intercepted and Deto created a great opportunity by getting rid of two midfielders before sending a through ball to Fabio, who tried to shoot as he entered the box, but the shot was wide out by the far post. Five minutes later, free kick for Martin Macks and Vitor only followed the ball in the near post to make sure it was indeed going out of bonds.

The match then began to settle into a more even rhythm. In the 20th minute, goal kick for Matin Macks. Deto went up higher than the midfielder and headed to Fabio. He saw Leandro opened in the opposite side and sent a long ball to him in the right side. Leandro saw Mauro passing in progression and laid the ball to him inside the box. The shot went over the bar as Real kept pressing for the first goal. Three minutes later, goal kick for Martin Macks. After a flick in the midfield, player #10 set it up with his right tight and shot with his left foot. The ball hit the bar and Fernando sent the rebound to the side line.

In the 25th minute, free kick for Real. Leandro sent it to Rodrigo in the right side. He took it to the end line and crossed. Deto recovered the rebound, brought the ball to the ground and passed it to Fernando. Fernando called a give-and-go with Fabio, received the pass, took the ball to the end line and crossed a perfect ball to Mauro who complimented it with an awesome header to open the score. Real 1-0.

Real relied largely on the playmaking of Fernando, creating a number of good chances for Mauro and Fabio. In the 30th minute, corner kick for Martin Macks. Player #15 headed to the opposite side of Vitor, but Fernando was over the goal line and cleared the ball spetacularly avoiding Martin Macks' tying goal. Three minutes later, throw-in for Real, Deto passed to rodrigo who switched to Ricardo. He sent a through ball to Fabio who crossed a low ball inside the box and Breno almost reached it in the far post, but the shot went out.

In the 37th minute, Ricardo recovered the ball in the midfield and played with Deto who sent to Fabinho. He sent a long ball to Leandro who left it with Mauro. He went inside the box and passed between two defenders to Fabio who tried a first time shot with his left foot, but the ball went over the bar. Four minutes later, Vitor saved a dangerous shot from 40 yards out and started a counter-attack with Fernando in the left side. Fernando played with Deto who passed back to Rodrigo. He saw Mauro running in the right side and sent a perfect through ball to him. Mauro had time to carry it some yards and tried the shot as the goalkeeper was leaving the goal, but he hit his legs and the ball went out through the side line. Ricardo sent the throw-in quickly to Breno who tried it first time after turning around and the keeper almost took it over him, but he managed to reach it and save it.

One minute before the end of the first half, Deto recovered the ball in the midfield and played with Fabio. He called a give-and-go with Fernando and took the ball inside the box towards the end line. Instead of shooting this time, he tried to cross to Mauro, but the goalkeeper intercepted.

While Real enjoyed the majority of possession in the opening minutes of the second half, it was Martin Macks who struck first. Right after the whisle blew starting the second half, Martin Macks pressed and Fabinho cleared the shot to Breno. He took it the whole field and had three options to pass but decided to keep the ball instead. The defender managed to take the ball from him and cleared it. Ricardo recovered and Rodrigo sent a perfect long ball to Leandro in the right side. He took it to the end line and crossed in the top of the arc for Breno who shot over the bar. Four minutes later, throw-in for Real and Fabio sent it to Fernando who played with Eduardo in the midfield. He tried a shot from 40 yards out and the goalkeeper managed to save with the knees. Leandro tried the rebound but shot out by the near post.

In the 53rd minute, throw-in for Martin Macks and Ricardo recovered the ball. He dribble the first one before switching a long ball to the left side to Fabio who called Fernando to pass by him and sent a through ball to him. Fernando crossed first time a low ball to Mauro who disputed the ball with the defender, turned around and tucked a high, curling shot past the goalkeeper inside the far post to double the Red-Black-and-White's lead. The goalkeeper managed to hit the tips of the fingers on the ball but not enough to clear it. Mauro, golaco. Real 2-0.

In the 57th minute, Leandro recovered the throw-in and passed back to Ricardo who switched to Deto. He sent it to Fabio who dribbled two players before setting it up to Deto. The shot went over the bar. One minute later, Vitor came out of the small box to catch the ball and started the play with Ricardo. He sent it to Mauro in the attack who laid it back to Rodrigo as practiced several times. Rodrigo then sent a through ball to Fabio crossing in the attack. Fabio tried to hit first time, but the field conditions did not allow for a stronger shot and the goalkeeper saved easily.

Corner kick for Martin Macks in the 72nd minute. Nobody reached the ball and the forward tried to reach it in the opposite side and suddenly a whistle...penalty for Martin Macks. For the third time this season, a penalty is mistakenly and unfairly called against the tricolores...Player #8 kicked and scored it. Real 2-1.

In the 75th minute, free kick for Real. Eduardo kicked it perfectly, but the goalkeeper saved it even more perfectly sending it to corner kick. Two minutes later, Leandro sent a long ball to Breno who sent a through ball to Mauro. He took it inside the box and tried to shoot low in the far post, but missed the shot. In the 78th minute, goal kick for Martin Macks and Breno received a perfect gift. He dribbled the first defender, the second and shot low in the left corner, but the keeper managed to fall down and save it.

Although winning the game, Real kept trying to score. In the 79th minute, counter attack for Real and the goalkeeper tried to send the ball to the right side. Fernando recovered it, took it to the end line and crossed a perfectly easy ball for Mauro to finish it, and he managed to shoot on the goalkeeper at two yards from him...

In the 88th minute, throw-in for Real. Fernando played with Deto and got it back. He called a give-and-go with Deto and took it towards the end line. He passed back to Deto who then tried a 1-2 with Fabio. The shot went low but out by the far post. One minute later, Fabio did a great play, dribbled three players and got fouled in the top of the arc. He took it himself and almost scored the third goal for Real.

In the added time, Martin Macks almost tied the game after a corner kick. The header had the intended top, far corner, but for Real's luck it passed inches from it.


The win was important for Real as it regains the third position of the league with 41 points. Next Sunday, Real plays their last game of the season in the Crocker Amazon #3 field against rivals Tyneside who are currently in the first position. A win by Real Sao Paulo FC might put Tyneside down to the second position if GGU wins their game.

Coach Fabio evaluated this 2009 season as an outstanding one for Real Sao Paulo FC so far: "To move up from Div 2, and challenge for the top spot in Div 1 all the way to the end is quite an accomplishment. That is job well done by the players...and I will take compliments as a coach for keeping their heads on straight and focused on the task at hand. I am very proud of what we have achieved together this season and I am very excited for everything we will accomplish moving forward as the solid team we have become".

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