Real beats Tyneside, prevents rivals from winning the league and gets the Bronze

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Despite the frustrated tentatives by Tyneside to prevent it  from happening, Real Sao Paulo F.C. shined in their final game of the season, defeating them for the second time this year, this time by 2-0, last Sunday at Crocker Amazon #3. Real not only proved its dominance in the derby, but also prevented the rivals from taking the trophy and guaranteed the 3rd place in the 2009 league table.

Although Real managed to dominate the entire game with well-constructed plays and by scoring two amazing goals, the match was unfortunately marked by controversial referee and linesmen calls as well as an ilegal substitution by Tyneside towards the end of the game, when Tyneside's coach decided to enter the game field without a valid CSAN player pass. That desperate move was solely based on the tentative to create confusion among the players and referees, by shamefully trying to take the decision of the game to the league board. Fortunately, it was uncovered later and made the swelling caused by the defeat take longer to heal.

Real Sao Paulo started the contest under great pressure, but kept the possession of the ball away from Tyneside. In the 4th minute, Fabio got fouled in the midfield. Fabinho kicked it to Deto, got it back and sent it to Leandro. He passed it to Mauro in the top of the arc who laid it back to Marcos David who set it for Rodrigo for a strong shot from 40 yards out, but the shot went out by the left post. Four minutes later, corner kick for Tyneside. Player #10 received the ball in the top, left corner of the box, dribbled Marcos David and tried to shoot in the far, upper corner, but missed the shot by several inches.

One minute later, first real chance for Real. Fabinho cleared the ball and Mauro tried a first time through pass to Leandro. He got in front of the defenders and carried the ball inside the box. As the goalkeeper was coming out of the goal, Leandro dribbled him but the ball went ahead to far and he could not score the first goal. Tyneside defender cleared it out to the side line. After the throw-in, Leandro received the ball, back heeled it to Marcos David inside the box. Marcos dribbled the defender and got clearly fouled inside the box. The linesman raised the flag, but decided to put it back down. The main referee did not even consulted with the linesman this time although the rules calls for it and captain Fabio requested it.

In the 16th minute, free kick for Real. Cris kicked it and the ball ended with Marcos. He passed to Leandro who switched sides with Deto. From him to Fabinho who sent the ball in the left side to Mauro. He passed back to Fabio who dribbled the first defender and set it up to Leandro in the top of the arc, but he could not control it and the goalkeeper cleared it. Two minutes later, throw-in for Tyneside. Real's defense could not clear it properly and player#10 tried a strong shot, but the ball went over the bar. Right after that, throw-in for Real. Tyneside recovered but Marcos David recovered it back. He played with Leandro in the midfielder who let it with Fabio to switch the ball completely to the right side, inside the box to Marcos David who tried to shoot first time, but the goalkeeper saved.

In the 27th minute, free kick for Tyneside. The ball went low inside the box. Player #11 tried to dribble Real's defenders and Humberto accidentally fell down and touched the ball with the hand. The referee called the penalty. Tyneside player kicked it in the post and missed it. The rebound was coming to another Tyneside player, but he fouled Matt. Two minutes later, free kick for Real. Humberto played with Deto who passed back to him. Humberto switched sides with Cris who sent first time to Marcos David. He got fouled but the referee gave advantage as Mauro saved it in the end line. Mauro passed back to Rodrigo inside the box who set it to himself and cracked a nice shot, but it went out by the near post.

In the 31st minute, throw-in for Tyneside. Player#8 received it in the top of the arc, set it up and shot a difficult ball, but Vitor performed a great save sending it to corner kick. Towards the end of the first half, corner kick for Tyneside. Mauro cleared it out to Leandro who dribbled the defender and sent a through ball to Mauro in the top of the arc. Mauro shot and missed the target by a couple of inches.

Tyneside returned to the second half on their heels, allowing Real Sao Paulo the majority of possession and pushing back deep into its own end. In the 50th minute, counter-attack for Real and Deto called a give-and-go with Fabio. As he carried the ball forward past the midfield, he got terribly fouled by Player #14. Yellow Card for him. Fabinho passed to Deto who tried Fabio. He tried one dribble too much and lost the ball. Tyneside got the counter-attack, but Fabinho well positioned managed to tackle it towards the end line. Three minutes later, free kick for Real. Rodrigo passed to Deto who let it with Mauro. Mauro tried a shot from 40 yards out and almost hit the upper, left corner, but the goalkeeper saved.

Two minutes later, Fabio missed an easy shot. The goalkeeper punt the ball up and Deto recovered in the midfield. He let is with Mauro who found Leandro in the top of the arc. Leandro passed to Fabio who held it and sent a perfect through ball to Rodrigo entering the box. He took a low, crossed shot, but the goalkeeper made an amazing save. In the 59th minute, free kick for Tyneside. Player #14 sent it inside the box and Cris cleared it. Midfielder sent the ball back inside the box again and Ricardo cleared it this time, but Player #2 got the rebound and shot right on Vitor who did another amazing save and Fabinho sent it to corner kick.

In the 63rd minute, Rodrigo recovered the ball in the midfield and Cris sent forward. Leandro recovered and set it up to Mauro outside the box. The shot was perfect in the lower corner with no chances to the goalkeeper. Real 1-0.

Two minutes later, free kick for Real. Fabinho passed to Matt who switched the side with Deto. He played with Mauro who devolved it to him. Deto sent it a through pass to Marcos David who gave a gift to Leandro in the top of the arc, but the shot went over the bar. Right after that in the 70th minute, Humberto cleared the ball out of the box. Leandro brought it down and Fabio got it. He turned around two defenders before sending a perfect crossed through ball assist to Leandro. He went inside the box, dribbled the goalkeeper and scored Real's second goal in the game for Tyneside's desperation. Real 2-0.

In the 73rd minute, free kick for Real Sao Paulo. Cris tried to bend it inside the net, but the goalkeeper managed to perform an amazing save. Three minutes later, Matt hit the ball and the referee gave Tyneside the free kick in the top of the arc. The shot passed really close but over the bar. In the 80th minute, counter-attack by Tyneside and Player #9 tried a dangerous shot, but Vitor only followed it out. The referee mistakenly, assisted by the linesman, gave Tyneside the corner kick.

In the 84th minute, Player #6 who was actually Tyneside's coach and decided to play his first minutes during the season, started to create confusion and issues with Real Sao Paulo players. He was yelling and provoking Real's defender Fabinho until he managed to get the referee to give him a yellow card and a free kick. Nothing for the Tyneside "coach". One minute later, beautiful play by Real Sao Paulo and Fabio called give-and-go with Leandro who decided to pass it to Ricardo opened. Ricardo sent the ball inside the box to Fabio who got fouled from behind but the referee did not call the penalty. One minute to the end of the game, Humberto jumped for the ball and committed a foul. He got his second yellow card and was ejected. Real players were still taking him outside the field when the linesman decided to come inside the field and started pushing Real's players who were close to the referee. The main referee decided to give give red card for Marcos David for taking the linesman hands off him and then another one to Fabio who was taking Marcos David out of the discussion and asked the linesman what he was doing there pushing players away.

With the win, Real Sao Paulo took the trophy from Tyneside's hands and gave it to Golden Gate University. Coach Fabio evaluated this 2009 season as an outstanding one for Real Sao Paulo FC: "To move up from Div 2, and challenge for the top spot in Div 1 all the way to the end is quite an accomplishment. That is job well done by the players...and I will take compliments as a coach for keeping their heads on straight and focused on the task at hand. I am very proud of what we have achieved together this season and I am very excited for everything we will accomplish moving forward as the solid team we have become".

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