Gustavo's hat trick and Leandro's goalscoring exploits power Real past Berenice

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Gustavo's first hat trick of the season and Leandro's ability to convert apparently lost chances propelled Real Sao Paulo to their second consecutive victory and into a tie for first place with Melchester Rovers in the SFSFL 1st division. The 6-2 result this last Sunday at Polo Fields #3 against Berenice Reserves gave coach Fabio the results of which he was dreaming for the start of the season.

Berenice had their first of very few chances right at the 8th minute. Throw-in for Real and Berenice player managed to recover the ball from Kenni heading it down dangerously in their left side inside the box. The player tried to cut back towards the arc and took a shot which hit his teammate's head and lobbied towards the goal. Marc was relieved to see it wen out inches from the top bar.

Real Sao Paulo managed to give it back soon after. Leandro grabbed the first of his two goals two minutes later with Mauro playing a critical role. The play started with a throw-in for Berenice this time. Mauro came back in the midfield line and recovered the ball. He started a nice run towards the attack and saw both Fabio and Leandro waiting for it. The pass to Leandro was tight but he managed to pull it away from the defender. As the goalkeeper came out of the small box, Leandro was luckier when they both hit the ball and scored the first goal for Real in the game. Real 1-0!

In the 12th minute - Fabinho recovered a ball with the chest and passed to Jeff who layed it in the midfield to Humberto. Mauro checked in with him, got the ball, went around the defender and sent a perfect pass to Breno running inside the box. The shot was strong and low aimed to the corner, but the goalkeeper managed to make the save. Two minutes later, Real missed a great change to score again. Breno recovered the ball in the midfield and gave it to Cris who opened the game with Leandro in the right side. He tried a great pass to Mauro in the top of the arc. Instead of stopping the ball, Mauro flicked a nice back heel pass, first time to Breno who entered the box, but the goalkeeper courageously went out on his feet and caught the ball.

In the 16th minute, corner kick for Real. Leandro sent it and the defender cleared it back to him. The second cross got cleared outside of the box by the defender and Jeff passed it open, first time to Fabio in the opposite side. Fabio sent it back inside the box to Kenni and almost scored the goal directly. The goalkeeper cleared out of the box and Leandro recovered it. Breno received the pass inside the box but could not score and laid it back to Humberto in the top of the arc. Humberto opened again, for the fifth time to Leandro, who crossed it. Fabio got the rebound and tried to lobby it over the goalkeeper but it went out over the bar.

In the 24th minute, Berenice had their second real chance to even things out. After the throw-in, Amine tried to clear the ball and it rebounded back inside the box. The two Bakirman brothers, who once played for Real long time ago, created a good combination of passes inside the box, but the shot went wide deflected by Matt. Four minutes later, Cris opened the ball with Amine and ran around him. Amine sent a perfect through ball to Cris in progression. He took the ball all the way to the end line and crossed. Mauro almost reached it. Gustavo tried to hit it first time, but the shot was weak and the defender cleared it out. Amine recovered the ball and sent a nice pass to Mauro. He took it all the way to the opposite side to Gustavo who tried a one-two with Humberto, but the defender recovered and sent it out of the box. Jeff recovered and switched sides back to Amine. He dribbled the defender and ran towards the box. As he entered the box, he tried a powerful shot that went out inches over the bar. Real pressing for the second goal.

In the 30th minute, throw-in for Real. Humberto tried a long shot from outside the box and the ball went over the bar. Four minutes later, Real kept pressing. Fabinho started the play in the defense and passed the ball to Cris who sent it to Amine. He flicked it over the marker to Leandro. The defender recovered and Marcos David took it from him passing it back to Amine who, in turn, passed it to Leandro. He then sent it to Marcos David entering the box, but the defender sent it to the side line. Four minutes later, free kick for Berenice on their defense field. The long shot did not get even close to the midfield line and Amine regained possession for Real. He got rid of the first defender and laid it to Marcos David who entered the box with the ball and got tackled. The ball ended up to Gustavo who threw himself on the ground in order to reach it and shot it to the goal. Real 2-0!

Before the end of the first half, throw-in for Real. Leandro, Amine and Marcos David create a great comination with first time touches. Fabinho got the ball and played with Jeff. Mauro recovered a lost ball and tried to shoot, but missed it big time. The defender passed deliberately the ball back to the goalkeeper and the referee called the back-pass. Mauro called the markers and Kelson inteligently passed it to Leandro in the box who scored, but the referee called a foul by Matt at the goalkeeper during the play and did not award the goal to Real.

Right at two minutes into the second half, Real came back determined to put more numbers in the score. Gustavo intercepted a pass and sent it to Fabio in the top of the arc. Instead of taking the shot, Fabio sent a perfect through ball to Gustavo who decided not to shoot and lost the ball. In the 51st minute, Matt recovered the throw-in and started switching the ball to the other side. Jeff sent it to Omar who laid it to the side with Kelson. He tried to send a cross to Fabio opened in the left side, but the defender intercepted. The ball went to the opposite side. Amine recovered it and instead of crossing it, tried to dribble the defender towards the end line and the ball went out wasting good opportunity.

In the 54th minute, Fabinho got the ball in the defense and started a long set of passes that lasted for more than a minute and culminated with a strong shot on goal by Jeff which went over the bar. Two minutes later, Omar intercepted a free kick and sent a through ball to Fabio who was before the midfield. He ran 40 yeards passed the defenders and tried to reach it but the goalkeeper got to it first. In the next play, Kelson started a counter attack. Switched side to Fabio who flicked it to Gustavo. He carried it inside the box and laid it back to Fabio. He tried a shot from outside the box curving it in the far post, but it went inches from the goal corner. In the 58th minute, throw-in for Berenice Reserves. Gustavo intercepted the ball and ran 50 yards until he entered the box, dribbled the goalkeeper and sent it to the back of the net. His second goal in the game. Real 3-0.

In the 62nd minute, Matt recovered the ball and passed it to Gustavo in the right side. He lift it up to Omar who stopped it at the chest and gave it back to Gustavo. He dribbled one more defender and opened to Amine who took too long to shoot and missed a great opportunity. Three minutes later, Real again pressing in the midfield. Omar received a pass in the right flank and tried to lobby the ball over the goalkeeper, but it went wide over the far post. In the 66th minute, corner kick for Real. Leandro passed it quickly to Cris who tried a curved shot, and the defender headed it out over the bar. Omar played it with Marcos David who gave it back to him. The first cross got intercepted and returned to him. He feeded Marcos David who played a long, hopeful ball over the other side to Fabio. He inteligently let it pass to Leandro who stopped it, chose the side and hit a perfect shot in the far corner. Real 4-0.

Right after the goal, Berenice tried to pull forces together to score their first goal. A breakthrough in the midfield created a good opportunity for it, but Marc made an important save. In the 70th minute, Fabio pressed the defender and recovered the ball. As the goalkeeper left the goal, Fabio tried to lobby it over him, but the ball went over the bar. Definitely, not Fabio's day.

In the 75th minute, Humberto called a one-two with Leandro but did not give it back. It created a dangerous counter-attack for Berenice but Stephen was back there to clean it and sent the ball out of bounds. After the corner kick, Marc saved courageously and punched the ball away. Cris opened with Leandro who sent it to Fabio. He carried to the top of the arc and sent a perfect through ball to Mauro, but the referee called offside. One minute later, throw-in for Berenice Reserves. The ball bounced inside the box and Kelson got complete control of the ball from the foward, but the referee decided to call a penalty for Berenice Reserves. Player #10 kicked in the left lower corner and got the first goal for Berenice. Real 4-1.

In the 81st minute, free kick for Real. Humberto tried to cross it and it got cleared out by the defense. Matt recovered it and gave it to Gustavo who laid it in the left corner of the box to Marcos David. He saw the goalkeeper outside the small box and lobbied the ball perfectly over him. The ball rested in the net in the far corner. Real 5-1.

Two minutes later, Marc started quickly a counter-attack in the left side with Leandro. He passed it to Gustavo who laid it to Marcos David in the top of the arc. He back heeled the ball to Leandro who sent it over back to Gustavo in the left side again. Gustavo hit the ball first time with the left foot and curved it inside the goal at the corner. GOLACO! Real 6-1.

In the 88th minute, throw-in for Berenice. The player passed by Kelson and was almost falling down by himself already when Matt took the ball from him and the referee again called another penalty. Player #10 kicked it at the same left side and Marc jumped perfectly to the ball, hit it with the tip of his glooves. The ball hit the post and went unfairly inside the net. Real 6-2.

Between the energy provided by the fresh players and the commitment of the tired ones, Real's side approached the match with the right mentality to emerge with a second consecutive victory. Throughout the afternoon, although they looked to be playing at friendly-game speed, the Real Sao Paulo crew had most of the ball, and almost all of the scoring chances. The transition from defense to attack seemed to have found its important glue components in the midfield. The main challenge for coach Fabio is the team chemistry and making sure all the high-quality players do not loose motivation due to less playing time. Real Sao Paulo plays host to the SF City FC team next Sunday at 9 AM at Polo Fields.

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