Real Sao Paulo hope they have opened floodgates with win over South City FC

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Real Sao Paulo F.C exploded for their second offensive masterclass this year against South City FC. The opponent was a known one from the 2008 season when the tricolores still played in the 2nd division of the SFSFL. Real controlled the game the whole time and pulled a 5-1 victory last Sunday morning at the Polo Fields #1.

Real started scoring right of the batt. In the 4th minute, Cris cleared the ball in the midfield and Breno was very well positioned in the attack. He entered the box and shot a crossed, low torpedo in the bottom corner with no chances for the goalkeeper. Real 1-0.

In the 10th minute, Humberto received the ball and sent a long pass to Leandro in the right side. Leandro entered the box and, as he tried to advance, got knocked down by South City FC defender. The referee did not call the penalty and, instead, called a free kick righ outside the box. The video clearly shows the foul was inside the box as Leandro, even after being hit, was still laying inside the box. Moreover, he was the last defender and did not even get an yellow card.

Two minutes later, throw-in for Real. Cris sent it to Leandro. He advanced towards the box and got intercepted by the defender. Breno got the rebound and quickly gave the ball back to Leandro in the top of the arc with a back heel pass. Leandro hit it first time and got lucky with a "striker hole" inside the small box right in front of the keeper. The hole changed the ball trajectory fooling the goalkeeper. Real 2-0.

In the 15th minute, corner kick for Real. Leandro sent a perfect cross towards Truta who set it up inside the small box to Kenni with a first time pass, but Kenni missed the ball as it bounced right in front of him probably at the same "striker hole" that assisted Leandro in the second goal. Five minutes later, Kelson intercepted a pass in the defense field and started a breakthrough in the midfield. He dribbled the first player and sent a through ball to Fabio in the left side. Fabio went all the way and managed to prevent it from going out of bonds in the endline. He dribbled the right back towards the inside of the box and saw Amine coming inside the small box. The pass reached Amine but the ball got blocked by the defender. As it went up and down, Amine hit it still in the air and almost ripped the net. Real 3-0.

In the 21st minute, as South City kicked off for the third time and Real's defense was still repositioning, South City midfielder played it quickly through the center in Real's side and opened for the forward in the right side. He took it all the way to the end line and sent a perfect cross straight to the other forward's head. The header was perfect and Marc could not reach it. Real 3-1.

In the 24th minute, Matt sent a long ball to the attack and Truta brought it down. He controlled it inside the box and waited until Leandro was by himself in the top of the arc. He passed it to him and Leandro tried the upper, left corner, but the goalkeeper managed to save it. Two minutes later, Marc recovered the ball in the air and started the play with Jeff. He passed it in the midfield to Cris who opened in the opposite side to Amine. He sent it to Leandro who fooled his marker and went towards the box. He sent a perfect through pass to Fabio inside the box. Fabio waited the right moment and cracked it, but the goalkeeper managed to save it again and sent it to corner.

In the 30th minute, after a great passing combination and ball switching by Jeff, Matt, Kenni and Humberto, Cris received the pass and sent a through ball to Amine who tried to hit it first time but was intercepted by the defender who sent it to corner kick. Eight minutes later, corner kick for South City FC. The ball went all the way to the far post and the forward could not head it to the goal and it went out inches from the post.

In the 41st minute, another corner kick for South City. Nobody from Real marked them and Player #8 got the pass, went towards the box and tried a crossed shot, but the ball went wide off the far post. The referee indicated another corner kick. The second cross went towards the far post and was headed back inside the small box, but South City's forward could not head it accurately and it went over the bar.

In the 43rd minute, long free kick by South City defender and Matt cleared it out to Leandro. He dribbled three players at the same time and sent a through ball to Breno. He fooled the defender and entered the box right in front of the goalkeeper. He dribbled the goalkeeper and got fouled but the referee did not call the penalty again. One minute later, Breno entered the box by himself again and the goalkeeper fouled him again. The referee finally called the penalty. Cris took it and made the goalkeeper look silly by sending it perfectly in the right corner.

Real Sao Paulo plays host to the AC Milan team next Sunday at 10:45 AM at Polo Fields #2. The Red-White-and-Black seem to finally have discovered the chemistry they were so badly looking for at the start of 2010.

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