Leandro and Breno. One goal and one assist to boost Real higher in the table.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Real Sao Paulo F.C. kept climbing up in the SFSFL 1st Division league table on Sunday, downing Melchester Rovers 1-0 at the Crocker Amazon field. A late second-half goal from Leandro Monteiro assisted by Breno Batista was the difference as the visitors won their seventh game in a total of eight played this season so far.

The first half saw tentative play from both sides. There were glimmers of offense here and there, but play was largely contested in the midfield where resilient defending from both teams halted most of the attacking play.

Right in the 2nd minute, throw-in for Real. Melchester player recovered the ball and the left back sent a long ball to the forward inside the box. The shot got Sandro off balance, but the ball went inches off the far post. Five minutes later, Real had its first real chance. Kelson passed the free kick to Breno in the center midfield and got it back. He then played with Humberto, who was marked, and got it back again. He then opened with Leandro who dribbled the midfielder, passed it to Mauro who in turn back heeled the ball to Truta. He carried all the way to the top of the box and shot, but the goalkeeper saved

While the first half was much more back and forth, it was Real who enjoyed the majority of possession. In the 33rd minute, free kick for Melchester. Player #2 sent a long ball to the forward inside the box in the left side. He got to it before Amine and set it back to Player #10. The shot was intercepted by Cris who sent it to corner kick. After the corner, the forward headed the ball over the bar.

In the 36th minute, corner kick for Melchester. Truta cleared it out and Leandro started the counter attack. He found Fabio opened in the left side and sent a perfect through ball to him. Fabio managed to set it ahead and tried a strong shot, but sent the ball high over the bar. Six minutes later, Fabio brought the ball down in the left side and passed it back to Truta. He carried it to the end line and crossed it inside the box. The defender could not reach it and Leandro received the pass alone by himself inside the box. He tried to shoot in the upper right corner, but the ball passed inches from the post.

One minute before the end of the first half, Real continued to press and Fabio put the ball between the midfielder's legs and, as he was preparing for the shot, Truta took the ball from him and tried himself, but it got intercepted by the defender. One more chance for Real before the second half started. Amine headed the ball down to Breno. He passed it to Leandro who dribbled the right back and gave it back to Breno. He passed it to Humberto and then to Ricardo. He found Mauro inside the box and the through ball was right on. Mauro shot, but it went wide off the near post.

The tricolores came out firing in the second half and almost broke the deadlock early. Amine recovered the throw-in and passed the ball to Leandro. He carried across the top of the box and set it to Breno. The shot was very accurate, but it deflected in the defender going to the corner.

In the 55th minute, Ricardo recovered the ball and sent to Truta. He set it back to Omar who switched a perfect ball to Leandro. He dribbled the left back and passed back at the 18-yard mark. Breno tried it first time, but sent it high over the bar.

Three minutes later, Omar played with Humberto who sent to Mauro in the top of the box. He flicked it to Leandro opened in the right side. He tried a low shot, but the goalkeeper saved and sent it to corner. In the 71st minute, corner kick for Melchester. The ball crossed over the whole defense and reached the forward who headed a great ball, but it went wide off the post. Four minutes later, throw-in for Real. Cris sent it forward to Marc. He dribbled two players and got fouled in the right corner of the box.

In the 80th minute, Sandro sent a long ball to the attack. Humberto brought it down and passed it to Ricardo. He then opened with Breno. He saw Leandro opened in the opposite side and switched the ball right on his feet inside the box. He cut inside dribbling the left back player and passed the ball consciently to the net inside the goal. It was a brilliant display of composure in the box from Leandro, who netted four times already this season. Real 1-0!!

Real will now turn its focus to the next game on Sunday, when the team will visit the Club Marin Reserves at West Sunset field. It is one of the most important games for Real this season. A win for Real could represent 7 points of difference between the tricolores and Club Marin Reserves.


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