With the help by refs and last minute goal, Club Marin spoils Real's ubeaten run

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Although Real Sao Paulo FC still managed to remain in the first position of the league table after the 1-0 loss to Club Marin Reserves last Sunday at the terrible West Sunset field, the defeat caused a lot of frustration because of the performance by the main referee who called a penalty for Real and then decided to revert it back to goal kick after "checking" with the AR. Club Marin then managed to get a last minute goal off a corner kick.

In the 7th minute, free kick for Real. Kenni played with Truta and got it back. He then sent it to Amine and Mauro in the attack. Mauro passed it back to Leandro who sent a great ball to Ricardo opened in the left side. He tried a first time shot but it went high over the bar.

Five minutes later, Kenni cleared the ball out and Humberto sent a perfect pass to Leandro in the right side of the field. He tried to send a through ball in the left side to Amine, but it got cleared out by the defense. Player #22 started a dangerous counter-attack and, as he entered the box, Sandro came out and saved the first opportunity for Club Marin. Sandro then sent a long ball to the midfield. Cris brought it down and played with Leandro. He back heeled the ball back to him and received a perfect through pass open in the right side from Cris. Leandro took the ball all the way to the end line, dribbled the defender and tried a shot in the far post, but it went inches wide off the far post.

In the 17th minute, throw-in for Club Marin. Humberto recovered it and gave it to Cris. He opened with Truta and got it back at the top of the box. He set it to Amine who passed between two defenders, entered the box and shot it low, but the goalkeeper saved. Real recovered the ball sent by the keeper and Humberto tried another shot, but the keeper saved it again. Seven minutes later, Real Sao Paulo kept pressing. Humberto switched with Kenni in the right side and he sent it first time to Mauro. The defender recovered but Cris got it back from him. He sent the ball to Mauro who got intercepted by the defender. The ball ended up with Amine by himself in the penalty mark. He tried to shoot as the goalkeeper came out, but the shot was at the exact height the keeper needed in order to make the save.

In the 30th minute, Club Marin player hit the ball on purpose with the hands. The referee called the foul but did not give him a yellow card. Mauro tried the shot, but it went over the bar. Six minutes later, Cris passed it to Leandro going inside the box. He saw Mauro entering behind the defender and laid the ball in the perfect spot. Mauro tried to shoot as the goalkeeper was coming out of the goal, but the keeper managed to save with the tip of the foot.

Before the end of the first half, in the 41st minute, throw-in for Real. Mauro got it and set it for himself in the top of the box. The right-foot shot was strong, but not accurate enough and went wide off the far post.

In the 48th minute, the goalkeeper sent the ball forward and Humberto recovered it. He played a one-two with Truta and shot, but it went inches from the top bar.

One minute later, the ugliest call by the referee one will ever see, although it has become a constant in SFSFL games. Goal kick for Club Marin. Matt cleared it out and sent it to Leandro who sent a quick through ball to Truta. He entered the box, dribble the goalkeeper and got ridiculously fouled. The referee blew the whistle and called the penalty. As the goalkeeper was threatening to go talk with the linesman, the referee decided to do so on his own. After the quick chat, he decided to give Club Marin the goal kick. It can only happen in SFSFL...

In the 62nd minute, Marc started with Ricardo. He passed it to Kelson who sent the ball to Mauro in the midfield. He opned with Leandro who sent a through ball to him inside the box, but the linesman called offside. In the 74th minute, throw-in for Real. Amine sent it to Leandro who took it to the end line and passed back to Humberto in the left corner of the box. He tried to shoot, but got intercepted. The ball ended up in the other side of the box where Rodrigo carried it towards the penalty mark and passed to Leandro inside the small box, but he was offside.

In the 80th minute, Amine received a pass opened in the left side of the box and switched it to Marcos David. He chested the ball back to Humberto, but he got tacked when he tried to shoot. Rodrigo got the rebound and shot, but he was intercepted by the defeder.

One minute later, Fabinho took the ball from the forward and passed to Marcos David. He played with Kelson and Humberto and then Ricardo got the pass. He switched it with Amine. The ball flicked in the defender and went out of bounds. Leandro quickly sent it to Mauro by himself in front of the goalkeeper inside the box. As he carried the ball, he tried to shoot with the outside part of the foot and missed the easiest goal ever...

With the loss, the mood of Real players got really affected. Not only by the loss itself, but by the constant bad performances by the referees in important games for Real. Last year, in a similar situation while Real was leading the league, another referee canceled two legit goals from Real during the game. Real managed to score one last goal at the end of the regulation time and was guaranteeing the 3 points. The referee decided to add 2 more minutes and ended up adding 6 more minutes instead. The referee also did not allow for Real coach to make a substitution and, while Real's player was dragging himself in the field he saw Golden Gate score a goal tying the game.

Coach Fabio is decided to not let the same happen this year: "We will take this as an extra motivation for us to win the league this year. If we have to play against 12 or 15 men - 11 players plus 1 or 3 referees - in order to do so, we will overcome this and show we win the game by playing quality football. Hopefully that will prove to the league board and to the referees we only ask for fairness". Real's next match is only in a couple of weeks against SC Bosnajci on Sunday 6/6. The match is in the Polo Field #2 and Real needs a win in order to fight back and regain the first position.

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