Real Sao Paulo, SC Bosnajci fight tooth-and-nail to a 3-3 draw

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Real Sao Paulo F.C. got its first tie of the 2010 season on Sunday, playing against SC Bosnajci at the Polo Fields #2. With three players suspended and other four of the starters unable to participate, Real had to bring most of the reserves to the pitch and the 3-3 tie actually ended up better than expected, although the tricolores lost important points on their fight for the league title.

Real pushed from the opening kick, and it paid off almost immediately. It was Real who got on the board first and actually twice in a row in less than 10 minutes. In the 3rd minute, SC Bosnajci had a breakthrough but Kenni managed to intercept the cross sending the ball to corner kick. After the cross, Kenni cleared the ball away and Leandro pulled up the counter attack. He sent the ball open in the left side to Mauro. He carried the ball all the way inside the box and crossed it to Amine. The defender tried to clear it out, but ended up scoring an own goal. Real 1-0.

Five minutes later, free kick for SC Bosnajci. Sandro went higher than everybody and caught the ball. He started quickly with Mauro in the left side. Mauro sent the ball to Leandro opened in the left midfield. Leandro laid it back to Kelson and called a one-two. Kelson sent a perfect through ball to him. With speed, Leandro entered the box, dribbled the goalkeeper by sending the ball around him and getting it ahead by the other side and only had to easily pass it to the net. Real 2-0.

In the 15th minute, first opportunity for SC Bosnajci. The defender sent a long ball to the attack in the right side. Real midfield could not intercept it and the forward received a perfect pass inside the box. As he tried to crack the hell out of the ball, it went inches from the left post for Real's luck.

But the Bosnians weren’t about to go down without a fight. Three minutes later, SC Bosnajci got a throw-in and the denfender sent a long ball to the attack. Real's defense got confused as Sandro was coming out of the box. Neither Matt nor Sandro got the ball and Player #10 received an anticipated Christmas gift and scored probably the easiest goal of his life. Real 2-1.

In the 21st minute, Sandro sent the ball forward and Kelson brought it down. He then sent a through ball to Amine in the right side. While SC Bosnajci players were asking for an offside, Amine tried to cross it to Mauro but got intercepted. He recovered the ball and tried a shot with no angle, but the ball hit the post and went out. Real started wasting golden opportunities.

Two minutes later, throw-in for Real. Kelson received it and went forward. He dribbled two players and called a one-two with Mauro, but he got fouled badly. Kelson himself took the free kick. The strong shot was impossible for the goalkeeper to catch and he rebounded. Amine got the rebound, but sent the ball way over the bar. In the 28th minute, free kick for Real. Cris tried once again to send it straight to the goal, but miss the target.

In the 31st minute, free kick for SC Bosnajci. Kenni cleared it out and Cris recovered it. He gave it to Leandro who passed it inside the box to Mauro. He saw Amine open wide in the right side and sent a perfect assit. Amine had time to set it ahead of him before he cracked a strong torpedo with no chances for the goalkeeper. Real 3-1.

But the tricolores couldn’t hold the lead for long, lasting only four minutes before the Bosnians equalized. In the 34th minute, in a dangerous counter-attack, SC Bosnajci managed to get a ball sent over the defense line. Sandro tried to come out of the box but not fast enough. Player #10 managed to get to it earlier and chipped it over Sandro scoring a beautiful goal. Real 3-2.

One minute later, Real kicked off and the ball went out. On a quick throw-in, Humberto recovered the ball and tried to pass it back from the midfield line to the goalkeeper Sandro. The pass was not strong enough and as Sandro tried to come out of the goal again, Player #10 leveled the match with a clinical finish scoring a hat-trick and tying the game.

The remainder of the second half was a lively affair, with both teams trading scoring opportunities. In the
60th minute, only after 15 minutes into the second half, Real had its first chance to score again. Kelson sent the ball to Cris who sent a through pass to Mauro. He entered the box pressed by two defenders and managed to chip the ball over the goalkeeper but it hit the top bar. He tried to pull a bike kick off the rebound, but the shot was weak and went out by the far post. Seven minutes later, throw-in for Real in the attack field. Mauro sent a low cross to the opposite side. Amine received it and had the opportunity to set it up for Leandro in the penalty box, but he decided to dribble and lost the ball.

In the 75th minute, free kick for Real. Cris sent it inside the box and Amine collected it in the opposite side. He sent it back inside the box and Player #3 cleared it out and started a counter attack. Player #9 received a through ball and brokethrough Real's defense. The shot had the inside of the net as the certain destiny, but Sandro managed to perform one of the most fantastic and important save sending it to corner kick. Six minutes later, corner kick for Real (their first in the whole game). Amine got the ball and dribbled two defenders before taking it to the end line and sending a perfect cross to Kenni in the far post. Kenni could not reach the ball perfectly and the header intended to the back of the net went inches of the top bar.

The result is a heartbreaker for Real, who outplayed SC Bosnajci for large portions of the match. With the draw, Real Sao Paulo now stand alone in fourth place. By all rights, Real should have won this game, but that is how soccer is. Real is going to face Berenice Reserves next Sunday at Polo Fields #1. A win will put Real back on track in the quest for the first place.

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