Martin Macks defeats Real and gets closer to the division top four

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Real Sao Paulo coach Fabio talked about starting stronger, and his team responded with a dominant 35 minutes in the first half. But it didn’t matter much as the Martin Macks counterattacked their way to a 3-1 win at Polo Fields #2 on Sunday morning. The victory puts Martin Macks closer to the top 4 in the league while the loss puts Real five points behind the leaders now.

In a half where Real Sao Paulo held all the meaningful possession and chances —including twice the number of corner kicks — the impression was the goal was going to happen anytime. In the 17th minute, Real's first opportunity of the game started in a throw-in. Mauro got the ball and crossed to the other side. Leandro set it to Ricardo who tried the shot but it got intercepted. Leandro got the rebound and saw Marcos David entering the box. He sent a perfect cross, but Marcos David was a little late and reached the ball already outside of the field, hitting it towards the net in the right side of the goal.

In the 21st minute, throw-in for Real. Ricardo sent it to Fabio who dribbled the right back and entered the box. He waited until somebody was free but the cross was not accurate. Marcos David got the rebound and tried a combination with Rodrigo, but the defender cleared it out. After the next throw-in, Leandro chested it to Rodrigo who sent a through pass to him opened in the right side. He sent a perfect cross to Fabio in the top of the arc. He hit a perfect, firt time shot over the goalkeeper in the top right corner. Golaco! Real 1-0.

One minute later, throw-in for Real. Leandro received it and dribbled towards the box. He got fouled from behind but the referee gave the advantage since Mauro got the ball. He dribbled the defender and shot, but the goalkeeper made an amazing save. The defender got the rebound and sent to corner kick for Real.

In the 38th minute, Martin Macks started their come back with free kick in the defensive field. The goalkeeper sent a long ball to the attack. It got flicked by the midfielder and Cristiano tried to clear it but missed the ball. Player #7 tried a first time shot and Sandro saved it. Player #10 got the rebound and scored an easy goal to tie the game.

Martin Macks would stick a dagger into the tricolores' chances just four minutes after their first goal. Real was pressing in the attack field. The ball got cleared out and Ricardo and Matt had two opportunities to keep the ball. Player #10 was quicker and sent a through ball to Player #7. He dribbled Matt and, from 25 yards out, saw Sandro outside of the small box and tried the shot. It went over Sandro and ended perfectly inside the net. Martin Macks 2-1.

Real started the second half determined to revert the score. In the 48th minute, corner kick for Real. Ricardo sent it perfectly to Leandro. He headed it towards the goal and the goalkeeper managed to flick over the bar. The ball even slightly touched the bar before going out.

In the 52nd minute, free kick for Martin Macks. The cross went towards the small box. Marc came out of the goal to catch it and Player #10 jumped with him but committed a fould by heading Marc's hands. The referee correctly called the foul for Real. Ten minutes later, corner kick for Martin Macks. Real's defense was standing still and Player #3 came inside the small box behind Cristiano who was just staring at him while he hit a perfect header in the top, left corner. Martin Macks 3-1.

Five minutes later, Marc passed the goal kick to Ricardo. He sent the ball to Fabio in the midfield. He carried it towards the box and sent a through pass to Mauro inside the box. He got fouled from behind, but the referee did not call the penalty.

In the 80th minute, Fabio started a great play in the midfield. He dribbled three defenders as he went towards the goal and sent a through pass to Mauro, but he could not keep the ball control and lost it. Before the end of the game, Fabio got the pass from Ricardo, got rid of two markers and sent a through ball to Leandro. He chested the ball down and shot as the goalkeeper was leaving the goal. The ball went out inches off the right post.

With the result, Real let the top three teams open 4 and 5 points of difference, although Real's got a game in hand against SFIAC. On the other hand, Martin Macks now got closer to Real only 2 points behind. Real will visit Berenice Reserves next Sunday at 10:45 AM on Polo Fields #1. A win might put Real back on track to finish in the top of the league with eleven more games left.


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