With Mauro's hat-trick, Real rout BSC Reserves 6-2 and regains confidence

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Real Sao Paulo used an all-around effort Sunday morning to punish Berenice SC Reserves 6-2 at Polo Fields #1, regaining their confidence and achieving the same score of the first game against them. With the win, the tricolores renewed their chances of winning the league since the previous leaders SFIAC lost their game to SF City FC.

Real Sao Paulo decided to push forward right off the batt. Real's first opportunity of the game happened at the 9th minute. Amine recovered the ball in the defense and started the play with Truta. He played with Carlinhos in the left back side and got it back. He then switched the game with Leandro who sent a perfect through ball to Fabio inside the box. Fabio tried to hit a crossed, low shot, but the goalkeeper saved and sent it to corner kick. Two Minutes later, throw-in for Real. Leandro sent it to Fabio who set it back to Amine. He crossed a perfect ball to Kenni inside the box. He laid it with a header to Mauro who hit it first time and almost ripped the net. Real 1-0.

In the 13th minute, Matt cleared the ball to the attack. Mauro brought it down and opened the game with Leandro. He dribbled the left back, took the ball all the way to the end line and crossed it to Truta. The cross was perfectly set to his head and the header had its destiny inside the net, but the goalkeeper made an amazing save.

Just 34 minutes into the first half, Real notched their second goal. Carlos sent the throw-in to Mauro. He switched the ball with Leandro in the right side. Leandro dribbled the defender by passing the ball between his legs and crossed a perfect ball to Mauro inside the box. He hit it first time and sent a torped to the net. Real 2-0.

Five minutes later, throw-in for Real. Carlos sent it to Mauro again and he set it up for Fabio in the top of the arc. He prepared the shot and took it, but it passed inches off the far post. In the 42nd minute, Truta recovered the ball and made a great play in the left side. Berenice recovered but Amine got it back again. He intercepted the defenders twice until the ball was easy set up for Mauro to score his 3rd goal of the game. Hat-trick!!! Real 3-0.

Before the end of the half time, Marc made a great save by reaching higher and getting the ball from a corner kick by Berenice.

On the restart, Berenice came ready to equalize the game. Two minutes into the second  half, great play by Onur and he sent a through ball to Player #9. He tried to chip the ball over Marc, but he missed the target wide in the left side. In the 51st minute, BSC Reserves pulled one back. The referee called the foul and was measuring the wall when Berenice player went ahead and kicked the ball before the referee blew the whistle. The ball hit a sand hole and fooled goalkeeper Marc. Real 3-1 with the help of the referee on this one.

One minute later, Real responded. Marc started with Kenni who sent it first time to Fabio in the right side. Fabio gave two hats in the defender and sent a through ball to Mauro. He entered the box, but when he tried to shoot, the defender tackled in time and sent it to corner kick. Amine got the rebound in the corner kick, but the shot went over the bar. In the 59th minute, Marc sent the ball to Kenni who sent it to Fabio in the attack. He brought it down, got rid of two defenders and sent a perfect through ball to Leandro. He had time to stop, choose the side and shoot, but it went wide inches of the far post.

In the 60th minute, goal kick for Real. Amine played with Carlos who gave it to Truta. He decided to pass it back to Marc. With the pressure on, Marc dribbled the forward and instead of getting rid of the ball, he tried to dribble again. The expected in situations like that just happened. The forward took the ball and scored the goal. Lessons learned (hopefully). Real 3-2.

Real players then decided pick it up for Marc and show who deserved to win that game. Carlos sent the throw-in to Fabio. He brought the ball down, took his time and sent a perfect assist to Truta inside the box. He shot a perfect, low ball in the bottom right corner and scored Real's forth goal.

In the 65th minute, corner kick for Berenice. Amine cleared it out and Truta opened with Leandro. Fabio came running in the opposite side and got the pass. As he tried to stop the ball and set it for the shot, the ball bounced in front of him and the shot went out inches of the near post. Three minutes later, Ricardo started a great play with Truta. He passed it to Fabio in the center mid. Fabio carried it ahead and sent a through ball to Leandro. He saw Ricardo free inside the box and passed it a low cross. Ricardo shot right on the goalkeeper and the ball went out on corner kick for Real.

In the 79th minute, corner kick for Berenice. Amine saved the header and started the play with Kenni. He sent quickly to Fabio in the right wing. Fabio carried the ball and sent it around the left back and caught in the other side. As he entered the box, he dribbled the goalkeeper and got fouled. Penalty! He let Leandro take it and he scored a beautiful goal. Real's fifth in the game.

The tricolores added on more on the morning six minutes before the end of the game. Marc started the play with Truta in the left side. He passed it to Carlinhos who back heeled the ball back to him. He then opened with Fabio in the center mid. Fabio passed by two defenders and tried to beat a third one. He beat all of them with stamina and persistence, entered the box and shot a strong, low torpedo. No chance for the goalkeeper. Real 6-2.

With the win, Real recovers their confidence and the chances to win the league. Real will now play the toughest game of the season, against SF City FC this Sunday at Polo Fields #1 at 9:00 AM. SF City has currently 4 points over Real and, as coach Fabio always says, "This is a six points game!".

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