Controversial SF City FC goal hands Real another unfair defeat

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Real Sao Paulo FC lost their forth game of the season after SF City FC's controversial late goal gave the traditional bay area team a 1-0 victory at Polo Fields #1 on Sunday early morning. The goal happened right after the main referee reverted the correct throw-in indication of the assistant referee and did not call an offside and a foul inside the box, clearly favoring SF City.

The tricolores mounted several attacking chances of their own in the opening half, but they seemed to play a conservative, compact and disciplined game. Their best chance came off of a cross by attacking midfielder Truta. In the 13th minute, throw-in for Real in the defense. Kelson received it in the right side and switched to the left side to Leandro. He dribbled the first defender and, as he ran towards the box, he got fouled from behind but the referee did not call it. Truta got the ball and crossed it inside the box a little too high for Breno who could not reach it.

Six minutes later, goal kick for SF City FC. Kenni cleared it out and Truta played with Breno. He opened to Murillo in the right side. He sent a perfect cross to the box and the defender flicked it to the side. Leandro got it free in the left side and shot it. The goalkeeper got a piece of it and it then hit the post. Murillo got the rebound, but the goalkeeper saved the shot again. Two minutes later, goal kick again for SF City FC. Truta recovered it and opened with Murillo. He tried a shot from outside the box in the right corner and it passed inches off the top bar.

Right before the end of the first half, Leandro recovered the ball and dribbled two players in Real's defense zone. The third defender came aggresively and fouled him, but the referee did not call it. Leandro lost the ball and Breno tried to recover it but fouled player #19. Suddenly, he stood up and started to fight with Breno in front of the referee who did not give him the deserved red card. Instead, only a yellow card which was not even showed up. Coach Fabio had to check with the assistant referee at half time to find out.

In the second half, SF City appeared to adjust to the tempo that Real Sao Paulo showed in the late stages of the first half. Both teams were able to do well with the ball in the middle third, but neither side could muster up any magic in the opposing box. In the 52nd minute, Paulo sent a bad pass in the midfield and gave a gift to SF City forward. He took it inside the box and shot, but Cris managed to perform an amazing save.

Eight minutes later, corner kick for Real. Ricardo got the rebound and sent the ball inside the box. The defender charged Kenni inside the box and the referee did not call the penalty...

In the 68th minute, throw-in for Real. Carioca set a perfect ball to Paulo who shot a strong one inches over the top bar.

Then, the referee mess finally happened against Real again...In the 76th minute, throw-in for Real. Murillo tried to reach it and kicked it against SF City FC player's belly. The ball went out and, correctly, the assistant referee indicated the throw-in for Real while the main referee said he "saw" (although the player had his back to him) the ball going out touched by Real player. SF City player quickly threw it in and Cris managed to save the shot. The ball went all the way to the opposite side and a SF City player that was in offside at the moment of the shot recovered it and passed it back. SF City player crossed it inside Real's box. Amine and Ricardo could not reach it and SF City player #4 head it back across the box. While Matt tried to clear it out, he got fouled by the forward who tried a bicycle kick but the referee again did not call it and SF City forward got the easy rebound and hit a strong shot impossible for Cris. Real 0-1.

In the 79th minute, Carioca received a perfect pass inside the box, got rid of the defender and scored for Real, but the assistant referee called an offside. Five minutes later, Real had the perfect opportunity to tie the game. Throw-in for Real. Amine switched to the left side. Carlos sent the ball to Ricardo who opened the legs and let it easy for Leandro. He crossed a low ball and Ricardo lift it up to Truta who tried to slot it in close to the top near corner, but it went inches off the post.

Despite of the loss, Real players will have enough time to recover for the next game. While the team is unhappy with the loss, coach Fabio said the players worked hard and created a lot of chances. The defensive effort was solid as well. The only issue that cannot be solved by coach is bad quality referees and unfair, partial calls to other teams. Real's next match is against SF Celtic Reserves on Sunday 7/11. The match is the last one at the Polo Fields #1 and Real needs a win in order to get back to the top four.

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