Fabio scores two and Real Sao Paulo hold off AC Milan's lucky rally

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- The tricolores are regaining their form, and they have Fabio Marques to thank. He scored two goals for Real Sao Paulo who withstood a lucky rally to emerge from Crocker Amazon #3 with a 3-2 victory this past Sunday. The win puts Real back on track to fight for the top positions of the league.

All week Real's players had talked about starting the match with the same intensity the team brought in its last game against AC Milan. However, in the first half they were unlucky and AC Milan took full advantage. The home team capitalized on their a penalty kick call in the first minutes of the game and a torpedo from 50 yards to give AC Milan the halftime lead.

In the 5th minute, AC Milan goalkeeper sent a long, high ball towards Real's box. Kenni tried to clear it, but it bounced in the box and ended up in Marc's hands. After the goalkeeper, sent the ball to Fabio, the referee decided to call a penalty for AC Milan. A terrible mistake. AC Milan player # 21 scored the goal.

Eleven minutes later, Real recovered the ball in the midfield. Carlinhos got it in the left back and sent a pass with the outside of the foot to Fabio. He stopped the ball and put it between the legs of AC Milan's player #10 and went towards the box. He passed it to Mauro who tried to open with Leandro, but the pass was inaccurate.

In the 22nd minute, free kick for Real. Kelson opened to Amine who tried a shot from 40 yards out and almots surprised the goalkeeper who tried to reach it and got stuck in the net as the ball passed inches from the top bar. Four minutes later, AC Milan finally started to show their "tools". Fabio received the throw-in inside the box marked by two defenders. As he tried to get rid of them, Fabio turned around and got fouled from behind. Penalty kick for Real this time. A dirty AC Milan Player #10 passed by Fabio still laying on the ground and stepped in his tighes. The referee saw it and correctly ejected Player #10. Leandro went for the penalty kick but shot it inches wide of the left post.

In the 33rd minute, free kick for Real. Fabio tried the shot but the goalkeeper saved it. One minute later, Amine got the throw-in and sent it to Humberto. He sent it first time to Mauro inside the box. While AC Milan players were asking for an offside, Mauro took a perfect shot and tied the game. Real 1-1.

In the 39th minute, Real lost possession in the center midfield with Leandro. AC Milan player recovered it and crossed from left to right in the center midfield. He took a couple more steps and took a shot from 50 yards out. The ball passed inches from Marc's hands and ended up inside the net. AC Milan now 2-1.

One minute later, Real responded immediately. A great combination in the midfield led the ball to Leandro who sent to the center to Kelson. He found Mauro free in the top of the arc and sent a through ball to him. He had time to turn around, set it to his left foot, but the goalkeeper saved a perfect low shot. In the 43rd minute, free kick for Real. Leandro played with Cris and got it back. He sent it ahead of the right back and took it to the endline. The cross was perfect and had Mauro as the target, but he missed the ball by miliseconds. Kelson got the rebound in the top of the box and opened with Leandro again in the right side. He flicked it over the right back and centered it again to Kenni this time. He missed the ball and the defender cleared it out.

Real had still another opportunity to tie the game again before the end of the first half. Carlinhos opened the game with Fabio in the left side. He carried it towards the end line and crossed a low pass to the 18-yard box line. Cris tried a shot and it got intercepted by Mauro who was not offside. Mauro shot it and scored the goal, but the referee invalidated it calling offside.

Real started the second half pressing. In the 49th minute, Kelson cleared the ball and Leandro played with Murillo. He tried to send a through ball to Leandro but the defender cleared it out. Ricardo recovered it and played with Humberto. He sent a through ball to Fabio who tried a first time shot, but the goalkeeper saved.

In the 52nd minute, Real finnally tied the game. Marc started the play with Ricardo. He switched the ball with Kelson who opened with Carlinhos. He protected the ball and passed back to Kelson who dribbled the forward and played with Humberto. He sent a through ball to Fabio who quickly touched it to Leandro and got it back in the top of the arc. Fabio had time to choose the side and shot it perfectly in the lower far corner to tie the game. Real 2-2. 

In the 55th minute, throw-in for Real. Carlinhos played with Kelson who sent a through ball to Fabio. He carried to the end line and crossed to Murillo who tried a back heel kick and the goalkeeper saved it again.

In the 61st minute, Real had another easy chance to take the lead. Free kick for Real. Cristiano tried to send a cross into the box and the defender intercepted with the arm. Penalty kick for Real. Cristiano wanted to take but gave up in the last second. Fabio stepped up to take it and missed it by inches off the right post. Clearly not the day for Real's forwards to take penalty kicks.

Five minutes before the end of the game, when everything seemed lost for Real, Humberto received the ball in the midfield and sent a through ball to Fabio. He entered the box, got fouled from behind but continued with the ball. As the goalkeeper left the goal, he shot a crossed, strong shot impossible for the goalkeeper and became the hero of the game. Real 3-2. Celebration!!

With the win, Real kept stepping up in the league table. Since Martin Macks lost to Club Marin, Real now passed Martin Macks again and is currently in 4th place with one game in hand. Real will now play SF Vikings this Sunday at Polo Fields #1 at 2:45 PM.

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