Real sees another easy win taken away by bad referees in the last five minutes

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Real Sao Paulo was once again harmed by bad referees in the SFSFL. After leading most of the game by two goals difference at Polo Fields #1 this past Sunday, the tricolores could only watch frustrated getting only one point as the assistant referee allowed an offside goal and the main referee called a free kick at the 18-yard line for SF Vikings in the last five minutes of the game.

In the very 1st minute of the game, SF Vikings was pressing but Matt cleared it out. Leandro started the counter-attack and sent it to Fabio who dribbled the defender, carried inside the box and shot, but it went wide off the near post. Eight minutes later, first clear mistake by the assistant referee. Throw-in for Real. Ricardo sent it to Humberto and got it back. He then sent the ball to Fabio who got rid of the midfielder and sent it to Leandro, but the assistant called the offside. She seemed an experienced assistant referee, but her officiating skills proved to be poor during the game.

In the 19th minute, throw-in for Real. Ricardo tried to send it to Fabio, but the defender intercepted. Humberto got the rebound and tried a shot, but the defender prevented the goal and cleared it out. Kenni tried a first time shot, but the goalkeeper saved it.

After controlling possession for much of the early stages of the game, the tricolores broke through 32 minutes in, taking a 1-0 lead off Humberto’s penalty kick. Eder recovered the ball and played with Mauro. The defender took the ball from him but it ended up with Truta. He carried towards the box and opned with Mauro in the right side. He tried the shot, but got intercepted by the goalkeeper and the defender. The ball went out in corner kick for Real. Carioca crossed the ball and Mauro managed to head it towards the goal. As the defender cleared it out from the goal line, the referee called a penalty for Real on Mauro. Humberto took it and scored a beautiful goal. Real 1-0.

Three minutes later, Marc caught the ball and sent a long ball to Mauro. He jumped higher than the midfielder and headed the ball to Leandro. He brought it down, entered the box, set it to his right side and took the shot. The ball bounced right in front of the goalkeeper and went out inches from the near post.

From the start of the second half, Real Sao Paulo played inspired football. They exerted considerable pressure that paid off in the 48th minute. Marc recovered the ball and sent a long one to Bruno. He gave it back to Cris who opened with Ricardo in the left side. He saw Fabio opening in the left wing and sent the through ball to him. He got rid of the right back, carried the ball inside the box and the Brazilian striker struck the ball perfectly, bending it around the goalkeeper and into the upper left corner of the net. Real 2-0.

In the 51st minute, throw-in for Real. Fabio received it and tried to bring it down. As it bounced in front of the box, Eder tried a first time shot and almost hit the top, left corner. Three minutes later, Marc sent the ball quickly to Eder. He sent a long ball to Fabio. As the goalkeeper left the box, Fabio tried to chip it over him, but he managed to get a piece of the ball and sent it inches off the far post to corner kick.

In the 60th minute, goal kick for SF Vikings. Carioca pressed the right back and took the ball from him. He carried the ball inside the box, dribbled the goalkeeper and, with the goal opened for him, he managed to shoot it out inches of the far post. A wasted opportunity which will be missed by Real later in the game.

In the 62nd minute, free kick for SF Vikings. The right wing sent a cross inside Real's box and, as Eduardo tried to clear it, the ball hit Cristiano and eneded up with thr right winger again. He sent another perfect cross in the far post and found player #5 free to score. Real 2-1.

Three minutes later, Real managed to find another goal to extend their lead. Corner kick for SF Vikings. Leandro cleared it with Humberto who sent a perfect through ball to Fabio opened in the left side. He saw Carioca entering the box and sent a perfect assist to him. The ball hit the defender and ended up easy for Carioca to head it inside. Real 3-1.

In the 71st minute, Leandro recovered the ball and played with Carioca. He started a great combination which resulted in Leandro entering the box carrying the ball. He dribbled the defender and lost pace as the ball went easy to the goalkeeper. Five minutes later, Real had yet another chance to extend the lead. Eder recovered the ball in the midfield and opened with Mauro. He carried the ball towards the box, stopped and send a perfect pass across the box to Cris in the other side as Fabio brought the defender to the center of the box with him. Cris had all the time of the world, but he decided to shoot standing over the ball. The shot was weak and the ball went easy to the goalkeeper's hands.

In the 84th minute, the assistant referee finally started to influence the result for SF Vikings. Free kick for Real. The ball was sent inside the box but Real's defense managed to clear it out after a couple of tentatives. The ball ended up with Player #10 who took a shot. Player #3 was standing by himself alone inside the small box. He was in clear offside position when he stopped the shot and passed it easily inside the net. Neither the assistant nor the referee called the easiest offside of the game. At that point, the same assistant referee had already called more than ten (10) offsides against Real.

Two minutes later, the assistant again messed up and then the referee completed the bill. As the SF Vikings were attacking, the wing tried a cross and got intercepted by Ricardo but their forward was already offside inside the box in the moment of the cross. She (the AR) did not call it. After the throw-in, the SF Vikings forward tried a bicycle kick right outside the box and missed the ball and hit Matt. The referee mistakenly called a free kick for SF Vikings in the 18-yard line. Player #3 took it. The ball hit Ricardo in the wall and the deflection fooled Marc while the ball entered the goal in the far side. Real 3-3.

With the unexpected tie, Real now needs to hope for some results combination in order to win the league this year. The tricolores are still in 4th place with one game in hand. Real will now play Melchester Rovers this Sunday at Crocker Amazon #3 at 9:00 AM.

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