Real Sao Paulo "joga bonito" and beat league-leading Club Marin Reserves

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Real Sao Paulo made history this past Sunday at Boxer Stadium with a 2-0 victory against (former) league leaders Club Marin Reserves. It was the first time the team played at the Premiere division stadium and the first time the tricolores beat Club Marin Reserves. It could not have been in a better situation and momentum as Real climbs the league table trying to reach the top in the last games of the season.

Earlier in the week, Real's head coach Fabio Marques had predicted that Sunday’s game against Club Marin Reserves would have few clear cut chances and also said it was vital for his team to convert when those precious chances did arise. He couldn’t have been more correct.

Real Sao Paulo dominated much of the possession in the opening half and limited Club Marin to few shots, and went into the break with a 2-0 advantage.

In the 8th minute, throw-in for Club Marin Reserves. Matt recovered the ball and started the play with Leandro. He flicked it to Fabio who laid it to Humberto. He carried the ball towards the box and opened with Leandro in the right side. He carried it inside the box and tried the cross, but got intercepted and got the corner kick for Real. Two minutes later, Real kept pressing. Another throw-in for Marin and Mauro stole the ball. He carried it inside the box and tried to dribble a couple of players. The ball ended up with Eder who opened with Leandro. He passed it back to Humberto on the top of the box who took a first time shot. The ball hit the defender and went out by the right side on corner kick for Real.

In the 11th minute, throw-in for Real. Carlinhos sent it to Fabio who dribbled the right back with a body move and carried the ball all the way to the end line. He saw Mauro closing in the middle of the small box and tried the pass, but the defender intercepted and sent it out for another corner kick for Real. Carlinhos kicked it quickly to Kelson in the right corner of the box. He dribbled the first defender and tried a shot, but the goalkeeper saved it.

Four minutes later, throw-in for Real. Carlinhos played with Eder and got it back. He switched with Kelson who tried a long ball and got it back from the defender. Matt cleared it and as the Marin player tried to sent a through ball, Ricardo intercepted. Leandro back heeled the ball to him and he sent a great pass to Mauro in the midfield. He started the counter-attack and sent a through ball to Leandro in the right side. He carried it all the way inside the box and, instead of trying a shot, he crossed a low ball to Fabio inside the box, but the defender intercepted and cleared it out. Only Real was pressing until then.

In the 22nd minute, Carlinhos sent a long ball to the attack. Eder brought it down and played with Cris who driblled the midfielder with a beautifull pass to Mauro. He carried the ball and laid it to the side to Cris. He opened with Fabio who tried to dribble the defender, but got block and lost the ball. One minute later, Ricardo recovered the ball and played quickly with Fabio in the midfield. He put the ball between the marker's legs and tried a through ball to Mauro opened in the right side, but he was offside.

In the 28th minute, throw-in for Club Marin. Mauro pressed and recovered the ball. He carried to the right side and saw Truta opned inside the box by himself. He tried to send the cross, but the ball got intercepted and went out on corner kick for Real. Leandro sent a perfect cross and the defender missed it. Truta brought it down and set it back to Humberto who sent a strong torpedo in the top left corner and opened the score for Real. 1-0.

In the 35th minute, goal kick for Real. Marc played with Kenni in the right side. He sent it towards the middle of the field looking for Mauro. The midfielder missed the ball and Mauro recovered. He sent a great ball opened to Amine. He carried it towards the end line and tried to cross but got intercepted. He himself threw-in to Carlinhos who sent the ball inside the box. The defender cleared it out and Eder got the rebound. He prevented it from hitting the ground and set it up for a strong shot. The goalkeeper could not catch it and rebounded it. Mauro got to the ball first and tried the shot, but it went wide. Truta kept running in the left side and managed to get to the ball before it went out and scored Real's second goal in the game. GOLACO!!

In the 38th minute, throw-in for Marin. Leandro recovered and played with Cris who opened the game to the opposite side with Carlinhos. He carried the ball up and passed it back to Kelson. He sent the ball perfectly to Truta who stopped it the chest and opened with Kenni in the right wing. He gave a perfect pass to Leandro who put the ball between the defender's legs and sent it to Fabio in the top of the arc. He laid it back to Leandro who gave it to Humberto, but the ball got stolen. Eder was as usual paying attention and cleared it out.

Two minutes before the end of the first half, free kick for Club Marin. Kenni cleared it and Leandro started the counter-attack. He played with Eder and got it back. He carried the ball in the right wing and sent a through ball to Truta, but the assistant referee called the offside.

Club Marin came out with much more attacking fight in the second half, creating a couple of good chances early on. In the 47th minute, Humberto recovered the ball and Kelson gave it to Eder. He lost it but Ricardo challenged the middfielder with a perfect tackle. Marin defender then sent a long ball in the left wing. Marc left the box and tackled with perfect timing and saved the play. He tried to play it out, but got fouled.

In the 51st minute, free kick for Club Marin. Ricardo cleared the cross tentative and Cristiano got the rebound. He tried to send the ball to Mauro but got intercepted. The midfielder tried a through ball but Marc saved and started with Cris again. He sent it to Carlinhos who inverted the game perfectly to Ricardo. He then played with Leandro in the right wing. He gave a hat in the left back and carried towards the box. He laid it to Mauro who tried to dribble for a shot but got blocked. Truta got the rebound and played with Cris who sent a through ball again to Mauro. He split it with the goalkeeper, and the defender got the rebound.

In the 58th minute, throw-in for Club Marin. The shot came from the right side of the box and Marc saved it. He sent the long ball to the attack, but Club Marin recovered. Cris recovered it back and gave it to Humberto. After a great combination between Humberto and Carlinhos, Mauro got a through ball and got fouled in the left side right outside of the box. Cristiano took it and sent a perfect shot in the fair, upper corner, but the goalkeeper saved it and sent it to corner kick for Real. Six minutes later, throw-in for Club Marin. Kelson cleared it out and Mauro got it. He dribbled the midfielder and started the counter-attack, but took too long to pass it to Fabio and the referee called the offside correctly.

In the 71st minute, free kick for Marin. Humberto intercepted and sent it to Mauro. He opened with Leandro who called a one-two with Fabio. He held it a little longer until the defenders got to him and then opened again with Leandro. Three minutes later, corner kick for Marin. The header had the target inside the box but Eder saved it in the line. The Marin player got the rebound and shot, but it hit the teammate and Matt managed to clear it and got the goal kick.

In the 78th minute, Kelson cleared it out and Fabio pressed the defender. Amine recovered and played a one-two with Truta. the shot got blocked and Truta played it opened with Carlinhos. Kelson received in the center mid and played with Fabio who dribbled two players and opened with Amine who tried to give it back instead of shooting and the defender cleared it out. Two minutes later, Marc started with Amine who opned with Fabio in the left wing. He waited and played with Truta who switched to Leandro. He passed it back to Humberto in the top of the arc. He tried to dribble, got fouled but the referee did not call it. In the  counter-attack, Club Marin player was offside.

Minutes before the end of the match, Real started to take control and run the clock down. Real had one more chance. Marc played the goal kick with Leandro who flicked to Fabio he passed it back first time to Leandro and got it back opened in the right wing. He carried towards the end line and crossed it, but it went off from Amine. He recovered and tried to send it inside the box, but the defender cleared it out. Kelson recovered it and tried to send the ball to Truta, but he was offside.

With the important win, Real kept stepping up in the league table and held Club Marin while SFIAC now took the lead with their win. Real reamained in 4th place with one game in hand and will play two games in a row against SFIAC the current leaders. The first game is going to be this Sunday at Crocker Amazon #4 at 12:45 PM and the second, a make-up game from the first round, will be on Tuesday at Crocker Amazon #2 at 8:00 PM. The most important games for Real so far, the best momentum to do so. Go REAL!

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