Worst referee ever ejects 3 RSP players, finishes the game 20 min earlier and hands SFIAC easy 2-0 win

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- It was probably the most important and most expected match for Real Sao Paulo F.C. this season as they were still battling for the top three positions this last Sunday at the Crocker Amazon #4. Nevertheless, the terrible referee selected by the league managed to ruin the players' dreams and frustrate a whole year of work by ejecting three Real players, finishing the match twenty minutes earlier and handing an easy 2-0 win to SFIAC.

Real started decided to get the win. In the 7th minute, corner kick for Real. Leandro sent the ball and Eduardo tried the header. The ball bounced up and Breno tried the bike kick and missed it. The ball bounced in the ground and the defender cleared it with his hand, but the referee did not call the penalty. Real recovered the ball in the defense with Matt. He then played with Carlinhos in the right wing. He dribbled the forward and opened with Leandro in the right wing. Leandro played with Fabio in the center attack. He sent a perfect through pass to Mauro, but the defender got to the ball in time and sent it to the side line.

Seven minutes later, Real recovered the ball and Cris played with Amine. He laid it back to Eduardo who switched the ball with Mauro. He set it to the side to Eduardo again in the top of the arc. He tried the shot, but the goalkeeper saved it in the bottom, right corner.

In the 17th minute, the referee decided to show his intentions against Real Sao Paulo. The tricolores had total control of the match. SFIAC had not got to Real's box a single time at that point. The referee decided to stop the game because supposingly Real's players were not wearing different color shirts or bibs in the bench. Coach Fabio checked and all players were sitting down at the stands and there was only one player without a bib. He then looked at the SFIAC bench and I saw several players without bibs as well. He showed them to the referee but he did not care. He then asked his only player to either put a different shirt or take the shirt off. He promptly did it and the referee restarted the match.

In the 25th minute, Leandro recovered the ball in the midfield and passed it to Fabio. He dribbled the defender and carried the ball towards the top of the arc looking for a teammate or an opening for a shot. Instead, he opened the ball with Amine in the right side. Amine dribbled the left back and entered the box. He took the shot, but the ball went over the bar.

One minute later, Player #12, who ended up ejected in the second half, stepped in the field and tackled criminously Real Player #9 (Mauro) from behind. The referee told Player #12 it was the second time already but no card was shown. Not even a yellow card. Mauro had to be removed from the field and could barely walk out. He fell down as he tried to come out of the field. The referee at no time seemed to care about his injury. Mauro had to be taken to the hospital and could not play anymore that game or any of the last 2 games played by Real Sao Paulo because of the injury.

In the 31st minute, Real kept the ball in possession exchanging perfect passes for a couple of minutes until they got a corner kick. SFIAC defender managed to clear the ball and got Cris playing at right back by surprise with a counter-attack. SFIAC forward took a shot and Marc saved, but Player #8 got the rebound and scored the first SFIAC goal.

Two minutes into the second half and SFIAC showed what they were looking for. Throw-in for Real. Player #17 who entered the game in the second half and had already fouled other Real's players, kicked Real's player on purpose and then tackled another Real's player from behind recklessly. If it had been a Real's player who did something like that, he would have gotten a straight red card, but the referee only showed him the yellow card.

One minute later, SFIAC Player #12 threw an elbow on purpose on Humberto. He unfortunately retaliated by kicking SFIAC player #12 from behind and got ejected. The referee decided to eject one more player from Real, Leandro. The assistant referee finally called the main referee and told him SFIAC player #12 had started with the elbow. Finally, SFIAC player got ejected as well.

Not satisfied with the disasterous calls, the referee then looked at Real's bench towards the ejected players, who were taking their cleet off and getting ready to leave, walked towards the bench and said: "The players have 1 minute to leave or the game is over". Coach Fabio asked: "What rule is that?" and he responded: "I just made it up". Both players left quickly while the ejected SFIAC player was still at SFIAC bench and the referee did not ask him to leave.

In the 56th minute, two players closed in on Real's player Cristiano. The referee did not call it. Kelson recovered the ball and dribbled two players. As he was leaving with the ball, SFIAC player kicked him from behind on purpose, right in front of the referee, and he did not show the yellow card.

In the 63rd minute, corner kick for Real. Fabio sent it perfectly to Truta in the top of the arc. He set it ahead and shot low and strong, but the keeper saved it. Five minutes later, SFIAC goalkeeper sent the ball to the right wing. The player sent a cross for an offside player in between Real's defenders. The assistant referee did not call it and SFIAC player #9 chipped the ball over Marc and scored SFIAC's second goal.

In the 69th minute, right after the goal, Real subbed two players that had already played during the game. Both referees permitted the substitution, but the main referee thought one of the players (Amine Abalil) had not checked in with the assistant referee yet. Alhtough Amine and coach Fabio told him he had checked in already, the main referee made the player go back out just to step in the field again after the assistant confirmed he was checked in already. The referee even provoked Real's players in the bench saying "It is not hockey...it is not hockey...".

Real players kicked off and Eduardo da Silva got fouled by the same SFIAC player for the forth time on purpose right in front of the referee. Eduardo then told the referee: "It is the 4th time this guys fouled me like that! When are you going to show him a yellow card?". The referee just went to the SFIAC player and asked him it was his "last chance" before he showed him a yellow card...Right after that, Eduardo recovered the ball and kicked it against the forward to the side line. The assistant referee himself called the throw-in for SFIAC. Nevertheless, the referee went towards Eduardo and showed him a yellow card saying: "You are playing too aggressive." Eduardo got frustrated and walked towards the box away from the referee. Coach Fabio asked him to calm down and he told him in Portuguese: "This god damned referee does not have level to officiate adult games.". Then, the referee decided to show him the second yellow card and ejected him. Eduardo tried to go towards him to ask why he was being ejected and the referee said: "I heard what you said". Coach Fabio then asked him: "What did he say?". The referee refused to answer. Eduardo and Fabio were both talking with the referee he did not need to do that as there was still 20 more minutes to go and the referee decided to end the game. As can be seen in the video, there was never no sign of aggressiveness from Eduardo (player #15 on the video) or any other player.

Despite of the way the game ended, Real Sao Paulo players showed their composure and left the field without creating confusion. Coach Fabio reamained at the field staring at the referee leaving and wondering when the level of referees selected by the SFSFL would improve. Real's next match is against the same SFIAC on Tuesday 8/24. The match is at the Crocker Amazon #1 and Real will have to play without four of the starters (3 ejected and 1 injured today).

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