Depleted Real decides to play in the 2nd half and comes back to tie Bosnajci 4-4

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Real Sao Paulo F.C. played its last game of the 2010 season this past Sunday against SC Bosnajci at the Crocker Amazon #2. With three players suspended and other four of the starters unable to participate, Real had to bring most of the reserves to the pitch and the 4-4 tie actually ended up better than expected, considering Real played the whole game with 10 players.

In the 2nd minute, Kelson tried to dribble inside the box, lost possession, but the Bosnian forward had Marc Cirilo in front of him and the shot was deflected to corner kick after touching the top bar. Amazing save by Marc! One minute later, Bruno recovered the ball in the midfield. He gave it to Fabio who got rid of the defender with a nice dribble and passed it back to Bruno inside the box, but the referee called the offside.

Two minutes later, Kenni found Fabio in the midfield who opened with Berber. He put the ball between the defender's legs and tried to cross, but the ball got deflected out the sideline. Five minutes later, Bosnajci started the play at the top of their arc. The right back got the pass and sent it to the center mid. He switched the sides to the left wing who laid it outside of the box to Player #10. The shot was acccurate, but Marc exectuted another great save and sent the ball to corner.

In the 17th minute, Kelson recovered the ball inside the box with the chest. He sent it to Fabio in the midfield who opened with Amine. He carried forward and called a one-two with Bruno. Amine tried to shoot from outside of the box, but the shot went out inches from the far post.

Seven minutes later, corner kick for Real. Fabio curved a perfect shot and it hit the top bar. The ball went up and down hittin the top bar again. Berber headed the ball which rebounded off the top bar and scored a legite goal, but the linesman cancelled it. His argument: "...the ball went out over the bar before going back down..." breaking all the Physics laws...The referee then asked Fabio to take it again...go figure...only terrible SFSFL referees...After the second corner kick, Bosnajci started a counter attack and Ricardo did not follow the forward, he entered the box and lobbied the ball over Marc scoring Bosnajci's first goal.

In the 26th minute, another lack of attention by Kelson. He tried to dribble in the midfield and lost the ball. Since he was the last defender, the Bosnian forward in an offside position as can be clearly seen in the video only needed to carry the ball towards the box and scored as Marc was leaving the goal. Bosnajci 2-0.

Two minutes later, throw-in for Real. Eder sent it to Carlinhos who took a nice shot from 40 yards out. The ball hit the top bar and the Bosnian defender cleared the rebound. In the 31st minute, Real continued to miss easy goals. Throw-in and Amine gave it to Rodrigo. He played back with Eder who switched with Carlinhos to the right side to Kelson. He called a one-two with Berber and got it back. He then switched again with Carlinhos all the way to the right side to Kenni. He tried the shot, but it went over the bar. Bosnajci started the play quickly with the right back. He sent a long ball to the other side in the left wing. He centered the pass and the forward only need to slot it in. Bosnajci 3-0.

During half time, coach Fabio realized Bosnian players were making fun of Real players and fans and asked the tricolores to play a little more serious. In the 51st minute, Bosnajci attacked first. A cross from the right side got Berber by surprise and the left back managed to get it and carry into the box. The shot had the lower far corner as the target but Marc managed to perform an incredible save.

In the 52nd minute, throw-in for Real. Kenni sent it to Berber. He stopped it, controlled it and laid back to Carlinhos who switched it to the left wing. Ricardo passed it back to the center to Kelson. He dribbled the first defender and tried the shot, but got deflected. Fabio got the rebound, cut to the inside of the box and shot, but it went over the bar. Real decided to make things harder for the Bosnians. Four minutes later, throw-in for Real again. Ricardo gave it to Kelson who sent a perfectly timed long ball to Fabio in progression. Fabio dribbled the goalkeeper and scored, but the linesman mistakenly called the offside.

In the 59th minute, Amine dribbled the defender and laid it to Kelson at the top of the arc. The shot had the lower left corner as the target, but it went wide from the post.

In the 68th minute, Marc sent the ball to Carlinhos in the left side. He played with Fabio and got it back in the midfield. He gave it again to Fabio and ran towards the box. Fabio put a perfect through ball to him. He entered the box and although got fouled from behind still managed to score a nice goal. Real coming back 1, Bosnians 3.

One minute later, Bosnajci kicked off and played the ball back. Amine ran faster than the midfielder, stole the ball and carried it inside the box. The goalkeeper came out and Amine slotted it in the far, lower corner. Real 2, Bosnians 3.

In the 72nd minute, Fabio carried the ball in the left wing. He gave it to carlinhos in the top of the arc and he let it to Amine. He gave it back to Carlinhos who tried a nice shot, but the keeper sent it to corner. Kenni passed it quickly to Fabio who tried another great shot but the goalkeeper saved and sent it to corner.

In the 77th minute, Kelson put the hand in the ball and got a yellow card. Player #10 took the free kick and put it nicely at the top left corner, impossible for Marc. Bosnajci 4-2.

Three minutes later, free kick for Real Sao Paulo. Fabio took it with the outside of the foot, but the keeper well positioned saved it.

In the 85th minute, free kick for Real. Kelson passed it back to Amine who switched the game with Ricardo. He laid it back to Kelson who sent a perfect assist to Fabio. He dribbled the defender with a light touch in the ball, got inside the box and shot at the lower right corner with no chances for the keeper. Real 3, Bosnians 4.

One minute before the end of the game, when it appeared the Bosnians were going to get out with the win, Fabio recovered the ball in the midfield and dribbled two players before getting inside the box. The shot was not very accurate, but it was strong enough to pass between the legs of the goalkeeper. Saint Fabio! Real 4-4 with one man less the whole game and coming back from 3-0. Way to finish the season!

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