Real let Kezar FC come back twice to a 2-2 draw in the first game of the 2011 season

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Torrential rain had soaked Northern California throughout the weekend and as such the clubs dealt with wet, chilly and windy conditions. Real Sao Paulo F.C. and 2010 2nd division winners Kezar F.C. traded first-half goals as the teams split points in a 2-2 draw at the Franklin Square field on Sunday opening the first round of the 2011 SFSFL 1st division league.

It did not take long for Real Sao Paulo to open the score. The tricolores started pushing really hard and in the 5th minute, Fabio scored the first goal of the SFSFL 1st division in 2011. It came from a free kick for Real in the right wing and Omar Martinez, debuting for Real, sent a quick ball to Fabio in progression. The defender got nervous and did not manage to control the ball. Fabio took it from him, entered the box and shot low, under the goalkeeper to score Real's first goal. Real 1-0.

In the 11th minute, Humberto recovered the ball in the center midfield and started the counter-attack. He sent a perfect high through ball to Fabio in progression. He was faster than both defenders and tried to chip the ball over the goalkeeper, but the ball ended up on the top of the net outside the goal. Three minutes later, Cristiano received the pass in the center. He sent a perfect ball to Fabio. He got rid of the two defenders, and took the shot on the top of the arc. The goalkeeper saved, the ball hit the post and rebounded to Leandro. He got to the ball before the defender but shot right on the goalkeeper who saved it again sending to corner kick.

Real Sao Paulo exerted high pressure on Kezar throughout the entire first period, spending much of their time in Kezar's defensive third. Nonetheless, Kezar took full advantage of one of their few chances of the first half and in the 16th minute, Kezar tied the game. Throw-in for Kezar and Real's center mid players got ball-watching as Kezar's playercrossed the ball on the top of the arc to Player #12 who set it up, waited a bounce and hit a nice shot in the lower, right corner with no chances for debuting goalkeeper Mike Peters. Real 1-1.

In the 26th minute, corner kick for Real. Leandro sent the ball in and the defender cleared it out. Cristiano recovered it and laid it back to Leandro. He unleashed a cruve drive that ricocheted off the foot of a fallen defender and almost rung off the post on its way to the back of the net. Real 2-1.

As the half wound down, in the 37th minute, Kezar took another opportunity on a referee's mistake and tied the game again. Throw-in for Kezar. Scott tried to clear it and the ball hit the forward's arms. The referee did not call it and the ball rebounded to Player #12 (Drew) again free in the top of the arc. Humberto got to him a little too late as the Kezar player shot from 30 yards out. The ball hit the top bar and, as Mike tried to stand up, the forward got the rebound alone by himself inside the small box and scored again. Real 2-2.

Five minutes before the end of the game, Cris recovered the ball in the midfield and played wide opened in the left wing with Para. He got rid of the right back and carried towards the end line. He stopped and played back with Humberto in the top of the arc. Humberto saw Fabio coming from behind in the right side of the box and gave him the pass. Fabio dribbled the defender and entered the box. He tried to shoot, but the ball ended up crossing the small box towards Para, but the defender cleared it out.

In the second half, Kezar did their best to hold off Real — who were thwarted by the Kezar defense time and again — and held onto the tie. In the 52nd minute, Cris got fouled but the referee did not call it. Omar recovered the ball and played a one-two with Leandro. He carried it towards the top of the arc and tried a pass to Para but the defender cleared it. Humberto recovered the ball, dribbled two midfielders and got an elbow on his nose right in front of the referee. After realizing the injury, the referee blew the whistle but did not cautioned Kezar's player as he was supposed to.

In the 69th minute, throw-in for Real. Para sent it to Fabio who crossed inside the small box. The defender cleared it and Leandro tried a first-time shot. It rebounded at the defender and rolled back in the top of the arc. Omar came and tried a strong, low shot, but the goalkeeper saved.

Real would have had a last good opportunity eight minutes to the end of the game but was harmed by the referee again. Bobby recovered the ball and played with Fabio. He carried forward and gave a through ball to Para behind the defender. The defender tried to recovered it and, as he could not reach it completely, he slided backwards to the goalkeeper who caught the ball with the hands. The referee did not call the indirect kick inside the box as he was supposed to despite of the complaints from Real players and fans.

"It is always good to start with points, no matter if it is 1 or 3" said coach Fabio. Real is going to play SC Bosnjaci next weekend. The Bosnians have won one and tied other three matches against Real. Nonetheless, despite of the history, the tricolores are confident this will be their first win against SC Bosnjaci.

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