Real strikes four times and gets first ever win against SC Bosnjaci

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Another rainy weekend in San Francisco was not enough to prevent Real Sao Paulo F.C. from getting their first win of the season this time against SC Bosnjaci at the Silver Terrace field on Sunday. The win not only put the tricolores higher in the table but also marked the club as the first victory against the Bosnians in the last 3 years since Real got promoted to the SFSFL 1st division.

The much-anticipated rematch between the 1st division rivals was physical from the first whistle, but as the first half wore on, Real began to possess the ball and attack with through flanks, a style resembling their successful form of last season. In the 4th minute, Matt cleared the ball and Fabio brought it down with the chest to Leandro. He went around the defender and laid it back to Pitufo in the top of the arc. He tried a first time, curved shot, but it went wide inches of the near post.

Four minutes later, throw-in for Real. Omar gave it to Bobby who tried to pass it around the midfielder and lost it. Matt managed to clear it wide to Mike. He could not control it and tried a pass to Cris, but Bosnjaci player went in between and stole it. He tried a shot from 40 yards out, but it went over the bar.

In the 16th minute, throw-in for Real. As the rain was pouring, Bosnjaci did a couple of substitutions. Pitufo sent the ball to Leandro who crossed it inside the box. Fabio brought it down and passed to Mike entering at the penalty marc. He tried a first time shot, but the ball went inches over the bar. Great attempt by Mike!

Finally at the 19th minute, Real scored. Goal kick for Bosnjaci. After Pitufo and Bobby tried to recover the ball, Cris finally got it. He played it back with Omar who waited a little and gave it back to him. Cris saw Bobby going free towards the box and gave him a through ball. Bobby tried a 30-yard shot, but the goalkeeper managed to send it to corner. Pitfuo tried to play it quickly with Fabio. He instead let the ball pass towards the top of the arc where Bobby was and he tried another powerful shot. The goalkeeper could not hold it and it went passed him inside the goal. The goalkeeper tried to take it out, but the linesman correctly indicated the goal and the referee called it. Real 1-0.

In the 21st minute, Real kept pressing. Elmer sent a long ball to Pitufo. The defender cleared it but Leandro recovered it. He set it up to his right foot and cracked a nice shot, but the goalkeeper saved it again. Three minutes later, as the rain got worse, Bosnjaci had a good chance to tie the game. Throw-in for Bosnjaci in their defense field. The players created a great combination that led to the inside of the box. Omar managed to clear the first one, but not the second. The player got the ball in the left wing and crossed towards the top of the arc. Player #8 tried a first time shot, but it went inches off the right post.

In the 34th minute, Matt tried twice to clear the ball. Leandro brought it down and opened a perfect ball to Fabio in the right wing. He could have taken it first time, but he tried to dribble the defender and lost the ball. Six minutes later, goal kick for Bosnjaci. The players created a good combination but Cris recovered it.  He played it with Bobby who opned with Fabio. He dribbled the first marker and started to carry it towards the attack. He put the ball between another defender's legs and dribbled yet another one. As he went inside the box, he thought there was no more defenders, but player #4 appeared quickly and took the ball from him passing it back to the goalkeeper, but the referee did not call the pass back.

One minute before the end of the 1st half, Bosnjaci scored an illegal goal. Corner kick for Bosnjaci. As Real Sao Paulo players were discussing inside the box, the Bosnian players played it quickly. Player #18 took a nice shot from outside the box. The ball hit the bar and went down. The Bosnjaci forward was in offside position and tried to score the goal with the hand. The referee caught that perfectly and called the indirect kick for Real.

As the second half began, the tricolores offense picked up right where it left off. In the 49th minute, goal kick for Real. Elmer played with Pitufo who sent a long ball to Leandro. He tried to put a hat over the defender but lost it. When the defender tried to clear the ball, he missed it and Leandro got it. As he was carrying it towards the end line for a cross, he got fouled from behind. No yellow card was showed by the referee as he was supposed to. Leandro sent the ball inside the box and Mike almost scored but the defender cleared it. Leandro got the rebound again and sent a perfect cross to Fabio. He brought it down with the chest and as he was turning for the shot, he got fouled from behind. Free kick for Real. Fabio took it kicking it over the block, but the ball slightly touched the post before going out.

Bosnjaci then tied the game in the 60th minute. Player #13 created a good combination in the midfield and opened the ball with Player #12. He crossed first time across the box. The ball passed by all Real's defenders and ended up with Player #18, unmarked, he had time to stop the ball and shoot to score the tying goal for Bosnjaci.

In the 65th minute, Omar recovered the ball in the left back side and started the counter-attack. He played with Bobby in the center of the field. Bobby sent a perfect through ball to Leandro in the left wing. He dribbled Player #4 and got fouled pretty bad. Bosnjaci goalkeeper kicked the ball on purpose on Leandro still on the ground. Leandro stood up and complained and the referee mistakenly cautioned Leandro with the yellow card and nothing showed to the goalkeeper. Cris took the free kick and sent a perfect cross to Scott. He headed it, but the goalkeeper saved it.

Eight minutes later, Bosnjaci started to open their toolbox. Ever recovered the ball and played with Cris. He gave it to Leandro who called a one-two. Fabio passed the ball and got terribly fouled from behind. The referee called the foul but did not show the yellow card again as he was supposed to. Cris sent the ball inside the box and the goalkeeper cleared it and pushed Ever to the ground. As Ever was standing up, the goalkeeper kicked him on purpose and the referee saw it. The referee ejected the goalkeeper and called the penalty for Real. Finally a correct call by the referee. Leandro took it and scored the goal. Real 2-1.

In the 75th minute, Mike recovered the ball in the midfield and got his shirt pulled from behind. The referee called the fould and showed the yellow card correctly. Cris sent a perfect cross towards the right corner of the box and Omar entered alone to score a nice header over the goalkeeper who was outside of the small box. His first goal for Real! Real 3-1.

In the 85th minute, Elmer saved the shot and started the counter-attack with Cris in the middle. He got rid of three players and passed the ball to Fabio in the left wing. He saw Leandro and inverted the game perfectly over the last defender's head to the right wing. Leandro driblled the goalkeeper and got fouled. The referee called the penalty and should have ejected the goalkeeper, but he did not do it. Fabio took it and scored the winning goal. Real 4-1.

Two minutes later, free kick for Real. Pitufo played with Omar. He back heeled it to Cris and ran towards the box. Cris sent a prefect lobby ball to him. He scored the goal, but the referee called the offside.

One minute before the end of the game, Fabio stole the ball in the midfield and opened with Leandro. Real held the ball with category and controlled the game until Cris tried a shot from outside of the box and the goalkeeper saved it and sent it to corner.

The win was an important one for the tricolores as they jump higher at the table and finally prove their better game against Bosnjaci. After loosing a first game in 2009 and tying other 3 games (2009/2010), finally the tricolores can celebrate this mark. Real faces recently promoted Knights F.C. next Sunday and a win can put the tricolores in the top of the league.
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