Leandro gets hat-trick as Real rally late to tie recently promoted Knights

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- A late goal from Real Sao Paulo completed a wild comeback for the tricolores against recently promoted to 1st division Knights F.C. After opening a lead by two goals during the first half, Real let the opponents come back to a 3-2 deficit an then finally tied the game 3-3 at the Silver Terrace field on Sunday.

Real nearly broke through in the fifth minute, when Omar received the ball from a throw-in and sent the cross inside the box to Matt, but his header went inchess off the far post. Two minutes later, another throw-in for Real. Matias sent the ball ahead and Bobby started the counter-attack. He laid sideways to Leandro in the top of the arc. Leandro tried the shot at the lower, far corner, but the goalkeeper managed to save it.

After having their goalmouth peppered for twelve minutes, Real came up with an amazing goal after three spetacular saves by Knights goalkeeper. Another throw for Real. Bobby received it inside the box and passed it back towards the 18-yard line. Fabio tried the shot, but it got intercepted by the defender. The ball ended up with Murillo who took the shot, but the keeper saved it. Knights tried to get out of their defense field, but Matt recovered the ball. He played with Leandro who opened to Bobby entering the box. He managed to send a perfect low cross in the small box to Murillo. He tried a first time shot, but the goalkeeper saved it again. The defender tried to clear it, but the midfielder ended up touching the ball with his hands. Humberto played with Cris who sent a cross to Murillo. He tried the shot, but got intercepted by the goalkeeper. His third save in a couple of minutes on shots from Murillo. He played the corner kick with Leandro quickly and, after the 1-2, he tried the shot, but the defender flicked it over the bar to corner kick again. Real kept the pressure and got another corner kick. Cristiano sent a perfect cross at the far post. Leandro hit it first time and found the top, opposite corner. GOLACO! Real 1-0.

In the 16th minute, Matt cleared the pass to Leandro. He flicked a back-heel pass to Fabio at the top of the arc. He tried the low shot, but the goalkeeper saved again. Three minutes later, Cris received the pass from Matias. He dribble two markers but sent a bad pass. Matias recovered and played with Murillo. He called a give and go with Fabio. Fabio put the ball between the midfieled legs and sent a perfect through ball back to Murillo, but the linesman mistakenly called the offside.

In the 21st minute, throw-in for the Knights. Matt cleared it away and Fabio quickly opened with Leandro in the right wing. Leandro carried the ball inside the box, dribbled the defender and back-heeled it to Fabio in the right corner of the box. Fabio tried the shot instead of laying it sideways to Humberto, but it went wide. Three minutes later, Knights had their first real opportunity. Player #5 opened with Player #9 in the left wing. He dribbled Bobby and entered the box. He tried the low shot, but Mike managed to perform an important save and kept the ball.

In the 26th minute, Knights kept pressing and the referee finally called a penalty for them in a play that was as clean as a white sheet. Mike managed to save it although the linesman tried to revert it stating he had moved before the played took it...only in his dreams and rules, off course. Knights got the corner and Player #9 tried a first time shot, but Mike managed to come from nowhere and saved Real again.

Real doubled their lead on the 40th minute with Leandro again pulling the strings. Throw-in for Real. Ever sent it to Cris. He headed the ball to Leandro inside the box. He entered the box and got clipped from behind by the defender and the referee correctly called the penalty kick. Leandro took it and scored another one for Real. Real 2-0.

In the 43rd minute Knights had one more chance to score after the corner kick. Scott cleared the ball. Player #7 tried a first time volley shot and, although he had his view blocked by several players, Mike managed to save it again and sent it to corner.

The visiting team finally began to show signs of life in the second half. In the 54th minute, Knights got their first chance in the second half. After the throw-in, Player #7 tried a shot from 30 yards out, but Mike was well-positioned and saved it. Six minutes later, throw-in for the Knights. Real's defense could not clear the ball properly and Player #7 tried the shot. Mike rebounded back to him who tried a lobby from 30 yards out and managed to get the ball in the top far corner of the net. Real 2-1.

As Real's players were still recovering from the goal, in the 66th minute, Knights scored again. Goal kick for Real. Mike sent the long ball, but Knights Player #7 recovered it. He opened with player #9 who dribbled Ever and carried the ball all the way to the end line. He passed it back to Player #18 who hit a perfect, strong shot at the top, far corner. Real 2-2.

Real kept getting more pressure from the Knights. In the 72nd minute, Player #7 tried a shot and Mike saved with the legs. They got the rebound and created a great combination for Player #11 opened in the right side of the box. He shot but Mike saved with an amazing jump. Knights player took the corner and counted on an miscommunication between Scott and Mike and the ball ended up inside the net after the own goal by Scott. Real 2-3.

Real answered back quickly. In the 76th minute, Matt recovered the ball in the defense and played with Bobby. Fabio passed by him but did not get the ball. Bobby opened with Omar in the right wing. Omar held the ball and saw Fabio entering in the top of the box. He passed him the ball and Fabio got rid of two defenders. The goalkeeper came out and he dribbled him too. He shot at the right side of the goal, but the defender prevented the ball from going in by hitting it with the hands. PENALTY! Leandro took it and scored for the third time to tie the game. Real 3-3.

In the 84th minute, Knights got a foul. As the referee was booking Real's player, Knight's player kicked it quickly and the referee let them go. Player #22 carried all the way to the end line and passed it back. Player #2 brought it down with the chest and shot, but Mike was well-positioned and saved it perfectly.

The tie felt like a win for the tricolores. "We earned a rugged home point after leading the game by two goals and letting them come back. We need to improve in controlling the match with a lead in hand" said Real's coach Fabio. Real now plays against Mission Critical F.C. Another recently promoted team who once beat Real in a 7v7 tournament. The tricolores are going to try to show them next Sunday the SFSFL is not the same thing...

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