Real scores 3 goals in the last 10 min and beats Mission Critical in late rally

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Real Sao Paulo F.C. managed to come back from a 0-2 loss in the first half by scoring 3 goals in the last 10 minutes showing Mission Critical what the SFSFL 1st division is all about at the Silver Terrace field on Sunday. In addition to it being the Tricolores second win of the season, Real also moved into a league-leading position for goals scored with twelve.

In the 8th minute, throw-in for Real. Pitufo played with Saulo. He got rid of two defenders and passed it to Fabio. With a first touch on the ball, he passed by the defender in the left wing and carried the ball towards the box. He stopped and cut inside towards the top of the arc and took a strong shot, but the goalkeepre saved.

Four minutes later, throw-in for Real again. Leandro played with Fabio in the center midfield. He switched the game to Murillo in the left side. He gave the ball to Pitufo who dribbled the defender and ran towards the end line. He sent a perfect cross to Saulo inside the box. He tried a header but the goalkeeper caught it. He sent a long ball to the attack but Bobby managed to clear it back up. Fabio tried a first time through ball to Murillo, but got intercepted. Mission Critical players started a counter-attack and Player #16 received the ball in offside position inside the box, but the linesman did not call it. He then missed the easy shot.

In the 17th minute, goal kick for Mission Critical. Fabio recovered it and passed it first time to Saulo. He got the ball back in progression towards the box. He cut it to the inside and got his shirt pulled. The referee called the foul. Fabio tried the shot but it went over the bar.

In the 26th minute, throw-in for Mission Critical. Bobby managed to clear it out, but Mission Critical recovered the ball. A through ball was sent to the right wing. The right wing player managed to squeeze the cross as Pitufo got to him late and Player #15 managed to get a nice header. The ball deflected at Mike and went over Elmer inside the net. Real 0-1.

Three minutes later, free kick for Real. Pitufo sent the ball towards the box and the defender cleared it. Amine recovered it and played with Cris who passed it to Humberto. He tried to chest it but lost control of the ball. Ever tried to recovered it and fouled the midfielder. Real players were waiting for the block setup and Player #2 quickly took the shot while players were backing up in position and the Elmer was setting the block. The referee let it go and the ball entered the goal easily as Elmer was not paying attention. Real 0-2.

In the 33rd minute, corner kick for Real. Humberto played it quickly with Pitufo and got it back. He dribbled two defenders and laid the ball back at the 6-yard line to Leandro. He tried a first time shot but managed to miss the easy goal and the ball went way over the bar...Ah Leandro...

Real came back to the second half decided to come back. In the 52nd minute, throw-in for Mission Critical. Ever cleared it to Humberto who sent it to Leandro. He brought it down and played back with Cris. He opened to Omar in the right side. Omar played back with Cris who sent a through ball to him in progression. Omar laid it to Leandro in the top of the arc. He opened with Humberto one more time. Humberto tried a back heel pass to Amine, but he missed the pass and almost started a counter-attack.

In the 75th minute, the pressure finally paid off. Throw-in for Mission Critical. Fabio pressed the midfielder and he lost possession. Leandro got the ball and let with Saulo. He played with Leandro again in the top of the arc. He saw Fabio opened at the right side of the box. He gave him a perfect assist. Fabio had time to raise his head, fake the shot and score a great goal at the lower, right side. Real 1-2.

Two minutes later, throw-in for Real. Matias played with Saulo. He passed it back to Bobby who gave it back to him. He carried the ball towards the attack and dribbled two defenders and passed it to Fabio inside the box. He tried to dribble the defender, but he deflected the ball to corner kick. Real tried to kick it quickly, but the referee asked them to take it again. Leandro sent a perfect cross to Ever who scored his first golaco of the year diving inside the small box and heading a strong shot. Real 2-2.

In the 83rd minute, throw-in for Real. Matias played with Leandro, but he lost the ball. Cris recovered and played with Leandro. He laid it to Murillo and asked for it ahead. The pass was perfect. Leandro put the ball between the defender legs and then again on the other one. Then it was Cris' time to put the ball between the legs. If that play was worth goals, it would probably be 10-0 to Real at this point.

In the 87th minute, free kick for Real. Saulo kicked and the defender cleared it out. Cris recovered and tried another shot from 40 yards out. Fabio intercepted the shot and performed an amazing body move in front of the defender who was marking him with the arms opened inside the box. Fabio was passing by him but he decided to put his hand at the ball. PENALTY! He got his yellow card. Leandro took it and scored the winning goal. Real 3-2, coming back from 0-2.
The win was an amazing one for the tricolores as they jump higher at the table. Real faces league leaders Martin Macks next Sunday and a win can put the tricolores in the top of the league.
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